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Welcome to Karlijn’s Kitchen! If you have IBS and follow the low FODMAP diet (or are starting the diet), then you have come to the right place! I follow the (modified) low FODMAP diet since 2014 and on Karlijn’s Kitchen, I help fodmappers with tips & tricks for following the diet. I share easy low FODMAP recipes and lots of information. I want to help you to make life with IBS more comfortable and fun. I believe that you can continue to enjoy eating and cooking also when you have intolerances and that is what I want to show you here! I have made this page as a guide, so you can find all the important information on the blog in one place!

Starting the diet

The FODMAP diet can be really overwhelming in the beginning. To understand the basics, I advise you to read the following blogs first: 

Are you going to start low FODMAP cooking? Then read my explanation on how to make recipes low FODMAP

FODMAP cookbooks

When you are following a limiting diet, it is really nice to have a few cookbooks available that contain only recipes that you can eat. So you don’t have to think about which recipes are or aren’t low FODMAP. I have a few low FODMAP cookbooks that I really like and I have listed  here. 

Low FODMAP supplements

There are several supplements on the market that people with IBS can use to better digest several FODMAP groups. Quite well known are lactase supplements. These are pills that you take when you eat something with lactose in it. The pills contain lactase, which is the enzyme needed to break down lactose in your intestines. This is very handy when you are in a restaurant! With the pills you can for example drink a cappuccino or eat an ice cream without problems. Since a while there are also supplements on the market that do the same for the FODMAP groups fructans and galactans (found in foods such as onion, garlic and beans) and fructose. This is great for when you eat in a restaurant. Look at the blogs below for more information:

Facebook community

During the low FODMAP diet it is nice to get support from people who really understand what the FODMAP diet is, with whom you can share your story and ask questions to. Because of that, I started the Karlijn’s Kitchen low FODMAP community on Facebook. In this community we answer each other’s questions and help each other. Definitely join if you aren’t a member yet!

Low FODMAP recipes

All recipes on Karlijn’s Kitchen are suitable for the low FODMAP diet. If a recipe is not low FODMAP (that almost never happens), I mention this clearly in the recipe. The recipes are suitable for the elimination phase and in the notes I always explain how to use ingredients that are limited low FODMAP and what a low FODMAP serving size is. Therefore it is important to always read the text and the notes with the recipe. If you have finished the re-introduction phase and you know how you react to the different FODMAP groups, you can easily tweak recipes a little. By for example adding a little more of a vegetable that you tolerate well or by using spelt flour instead of gluten-free flour when you tolerate spelt flour well.

Almost all recipes that I share are gluten-free, lactose-free or low lactose. Some recipes are also vegan or vegetarian. If that is the case, you can see that in the tags below the blogpost. If you click a tag, you go to all the recipes in that category. In the tags you can also find specific recipes for holidays, such as Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s day or recipes with a specific ingredient, such as rice, pasta, chicken and soup. With the tags you can easily navigate to different categories on the blog.

FODMAP snacks

It can be quite a challenge to think of low FODMAP snacks that you can eat when you are just starting out. I have shared several blogs with inspiration for low FODMAP snacks:

Populair snacks to make from scratch

If you have some more time, you can bake some healthy snacks yourself. These are the most popular healthy snacks on the blog:

chocolate zucchini bread low fodmap

Popular low FODMAP cakes, cookies and desserts

I have made quite a lot of low FODMAP versions of cake and dessert recipes in the last few years. I love baking and I really couldn’t go without a yummy piece of cake now and then. Luckily, you can make a low FODMAP version of almost everything. These are the most popular cake and dessert recipes on the blog:

low fodmap new york cheesecake -

FODMAP dinner recipes

Tasty and simple recipes for dinner are essential too. Go here to see all quick & easy recipes on the blog & on this page you can find all dinner recipes. Or check out one of the favourite recipes from Karlijn’s Kitchen visitors:

spinach pesto risotto -

FODMAP recipes for lunch

Yummy lunch recipes and simple ideas for lunch to take to work or school:

buckwheat pancakes -

FODMAP recipes for breakfast

Whether you like sweet breakfasts, such as snickers oatmeal or a breakfast brownie, or rather have something savoury in the morning: on the blog you can find inspiration for all kinds of breakfast! See a few favourites below:

Low FODMAP on holidays

Eating low FODMAP on holiday, how do you do that? And are there specific tips for certain countries? I have written a blog about several of my holidays and shared my low FODMAP tips and experiences for these places. You can see them here:

Eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy - Lake Garda -

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Good luck with the low FODMAP diet! If you have any questions, you can always send me a message on social media, tag me in the Karlijn’s Kitchen Facebook community or send me an e-mail!