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80+ Low FODMAP snacks for everyday

Aren’t low FODMAP snacks the hardest thing to come up with when you are planning your day?

I have been following the (moderated) low FODMAP diet for years now and snacks are still the thing that I find the most difficult. 

This probably isn’t even because it is so hard to come up with low FODMAP snack ideas.

It is just that I am lazy and always gravitate back to the basic snacks that I always eat: a banana, a kiwi, a few pieces of dark chocolate, a few nuts. That is so boring! 

I decided to get rid of the “I don’t know what to eat as a snack” problem once and for always.

So I created a great resource (if I may say so) for you with over 80 yummy low FODMAP snacks.

All very simple snack ideas that you can use to spice up your weekly snack routine a little. Snacks to have at home, snacks for on the go & while on a trip, homemade snacks, and more! 

2-ingredient FODMAP snack ideas

I often find having just a banana or an orange too boring for a snack. You know what I mean right? A snack must be a little something to look forward to (at least for me!).

Not just something plain that you threw into your bag in the morning because you didn’t have time.

Because of that, I often pair my fruit or veggie snacks with a dip or something else that goes well with it and that makes the snack just a little more fun. 

These are some of my favorites: 

  1. Half an unripe banana with 1 tbsp of peanut butter or almond butter (note that almond butter becomes moderate in FODMAPs at 1 1/2 tbsp or more)
  2. One or two hardboiled eggs with two slices of chicken or prosciutto
  3. A few pickles/gherkins wrapped in a slice of cheese or ham (make sure the jar of pickles doesn’t contain onion or garlic)
  4. Carrots or cucumbers with 40 grams of low FODMAP hummus
  5. Low FODMAP cheese (such as cheddar or Gouda cheese) with crackers (see below for low FODMAP crackers options)
  6. Lactose-free yogurt with strawberries or blueberries (max. 65 grams of strawberries)
  7. Lactose-free yogurt with homemade granola
  8. Grapes (max. 30 grams) with a small handful of low FODMAP nuts: such as macadamia (max. 20 nuts), pecan halves (max. 10), or walnuts (10 halves)
  9. A handful of plain tortilla chips with mashed avocado (max. 30 grams or 1/8 avocado per serving)
  10. Cherry tomatoes (max. 45 grams) with low FODMAP cheese cubes
  11. Banana egg pancakes (mash a banana, mix in two eggs, add oil to a pan and make little pancakes from the batter)
  12. Coconut yogurt (max. 125 grams) with a few low FODMAP nuts
Three bowls with pink yoghurt with flowers next to it

Sweet snacks

  1. Dark chocolate (max. 30 grams or 5 squares)
  2. Dark chocolate, 85% (max. 20 grams or 2 large squares)
  3. Milk chocolate (max. 20 grams or 4 squares)
  4. White chocolate (max. 25 grams or 4 squares)
  5. Low FODMAP cookies, such as Schär digestives*
  6. Homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
  7. Sweet popcorn (make sure no high FODMAP ingredients have been added)
  8. FODY seasalt & dark chocolate bars or FODY almond & coconut bars

*You can often find low FODMAP cookies on the gluten-free department of your supermarket.

Just check the ingredient lists of the gluten-free cookies well, to make sure that no high FODMAP ingredients have been added. 

Savory snacks

  1. Salty popcorn (make sure no high FODMAP ingredients have been added)
  2. Plain potato chips, salted
  3. Plain tortilla chips, salted
  4. Oatcakes (max. 36 grams) 
  5. Gluten-free pretzels 
  6. Almonds (max. 10 nuts or 12 grams)
  7. Brazil nuts (max. 10 nuts or 40 grams)
  8. Roasted chestnuts (max. 84 grams)
  9. Macadamia nuts (max. 20 nuts or 40 grams)
  10. Peanuts 
  11. Pecans (max. 10 halves or 20 grams)
  12. Walnuts (max. 10 halves or 30 grams)
  13. FODY trailmixes: mocking bird blend, woodpecker trail mix
Popcorn in a popcorn box

Crackers & toppings

Crackers also make a great low FODMAP snack. I always have a package of low FODMAP crackers on my desk at work and I usually bring something with me to put on top.

Sometimes I also leave a jar of peanut butter at work, so that I can always have some rice cakes or crackers with peanut butter if I get hungry. 

Low FODMAP crackers: 

  • Rice cakes (max. 2 per serving)
  • Gluten-free & low FODMAP crisp bread, such as Schär crisp bread
  • Gluten-free & low FODMAP cream crackers, such as Schär cream crackers
  • Oatcakes (max. 36 grams or 4 oatcakes)

The above are some examples that are also available here in the Netherlands, but I know that in other countries there are a lot more options.

Often you can find low FODMAP crackers in the gluten-free department of most supermarkets.

Just check the ingredient lists of the gluten-free crackers well to make sure no high FODMAP ingredients have been added. 

A cracker with peanut butter and strawberry

These are some low FODMAP toppings that I love: 

  1. A tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter (almond butter becomes moderate in FODMAPs at 1 1/2 tbsp or more)
  2. Low FODMAP jam, such as strawberry jam (check the ingredients, some jams have high FODMAP ingredients)
  3. Cheese. I love Gouda cheese (Dutchie here!), but you can take any low FODMAP kind you like
  4. Lactose-free cream cheese (with slices of cucumber)
  5. A few slices of meat. I love prosciutto on a cracker! (make sure no high FODMAP ingredients have been added)
  6. A boiled egg, in slices
  7. Homemade egg salad
  8. Homemade tuna salad
  9. Smoked salmon with lactose-free cream cheese
  10. Smoked chicken with lactose-free cream cheese
  11. Homemade muhammara
  12. Homemade olive tapenade
  13. Homemade nutella

Basic fruit & vegetable snacks

Of course, simple fruit and vegetables also make a great snack. The options below are fruits and vegetables which are low FODMAP in a larger amount:

  1. Cucumber slices (unlimited)
  2. Carrots (unlimited)
  3. Radish (unlimited)
  4. Black or green olives (make sure no garlic has been added)(unlimited)
  5. Dragon fruit (unlimited)
  6. Blueberries (max. 500 grams)
  7. Oranges (max. 1 orange)

These fruits and vegetables can also be eaten, but only up to a certain amount per serving: 

  1. Red or green bell pepper slices (red bell pepper is low FODMAP up to 43 grams per serving, green bell pepper up to 75 grams per serving)
  2. Tomato slices (max. 65 grams for common tomatoes)
  3. Grapes (max. 30 grams)
  4. Strawberries (max. 65 grams)
  5. Edamame beans (max. 90 grams or 1/2 cup)
  6. Unripe banana (max. 100 grams or 1 medium)
  7. Mandarines (max. 1 per serving)
  8. Grapefruit (max. 80 grams)
  9. Kiwi fruit, green or gold (max. 2 kiwis)
  10. Pineapple (max. 140 grams or 1 cup)
  11. Raspberries (max. 60 grams or 30 berries)
  12. Fresh coconut (max. 64 gram or 2/3 cup)
  13. Cantaloupe / Rockmelon (max. 120 gram or 3/4 cup)
  14. Honeydew melon (max. 90 gram or 1/2 cup)
Low FODMAP snack ideas: banana, strawberry and blueberry

Low FODMAP snacks to buy in the supermarket

Sometimes you don’t have time to think up a snack at home or to prepare something and then you just want to grab some snacks on the go or in the supermarket. But what are low FODMAP snacks that you can buy on the go? 

A few quick ideas: 

  1. Gluten-free pretzels
  2. Low FODMAP nuts, such as peanuts, macadamia nuts or walnuts
  3. Plain sweet or salty popcorn
  4. A pot of lactose-free yoghurt (if it is a fruity yoghurt, make sure no high FODMAP ingredients have been added)
  5. Rice cakes with dark chocolate topping (max. 2 per serving)

Check out my blog “low FODMAP snacks in the supermarket” for more yummy ideas! 

Low FODMAP carrot cake banana bread with one slice cut off

Homemade snacks 

If you have a little more time, you can also bake your own snacks. When I have some spare time on the weekend, I love baking banana bread or another healthy low FODMAP snack.

I pop them in the freezer and take a slice or muffin out when I need a snack for work. It only costs you time once and then you have a snack for the entire week! 

Below you can find some yummy low FODMAP snack recipes from the blog: 

  1. Carrot cake bliss balls
  2. Granola bars with peanut butter
  3. Coffee and chocolate banana bread
  4. Low FODMAP pound cake
  5. Strawberry buckwheat muffins
  6. Chocolate zucchini bread
  7. Peanut butter chocolate cookies
  8. Pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips
  9. Carrot cake banana bread
  10. Simple oat cookies
  11. Pumpkin bread
  12. Healthy lemon blueberry muffins
  13. Low FODMAP smoothies

Check out my blog with freezer-friendly snacks for some more inspiration! 

A platter with snacks: chips, olives, crackers and veggies

Low FODMAP snacks for traveling by plane

Most of the snacks in this blog are also suitable to take with you on the go, but when you are going on the plane it is a little different. Then you have to make sure that your snacks don’t contain any liquids above 100 ml.

Next to that, I am always careful too that I don’t bring any snacks that are too much effort to prepare or smell very strongly (such as a can of tuna) because that is not nice for my fellow passengers. 

I love the following snacks for a long flight: 

  • Low FODMAP nuts, as mentioned above
  • Low FODMAP snack bars, such as FODY bars
  • A boiled egg 
  • Rice cakes (max. 2 per serving) 
  • Sweet or salty popcorn
  • Low FODMAP sandwiches with ham and cheese (make sure to use low FODMAP bread, such as sourdough spelt) or peanut butter and jelly. 
  • A box with cut veggies, such as cucumber, tomato, and carrots and a dip
  • An unripe banana or blueberries or any other low FODMAP fruit that you prefer
  • A small bag of tortilla chips
  • A homemade snack, such as a slice of banana bread

That’s it! I hope that I have given you some inspiration and that you will never be out of low FODMAP snack ideas again! What are your favorite FODMAP snacks? Do you have any tips or must-tries? 

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