Party snacks

A glass of low FODMAP fruit salad with some mint on top

Low FODMAP fruit salad

Low FODMAP smoked salmon and cucumber rolls with cream cheese and dill held together by a toothpick

Smoked salmon cucumber rolls with cream cheese

Glutenvrije knakworstjes in bladerdeeg met mosterd erbij

Low FODMAP pigs in a blanket

Een low FODMAP stokbroodje met kruidenboter

Gluten-free herb butter bread

low FODMAP bruschetta toppings op een plaat

3X low FODMAP bruschetta toppings

A bowl with gluten-free Brazilian cheese breads

Gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread (Pão de Queijo)

A bowl with low FODMAP mushroom croquettes

Low FODMAP mushroom croquettes

8 gevulde eieren op een rijtje

Low FODMAP devilled eggs

Low FODMAP pineapple and banana beignets

Low FODMAP pineapple and banana beignets

Low FODMAP snack platter

3x low FODMAP dips + snack platter

Low FODMAP potato salad on a white plate

Low FODMAP potato salad

low fodmap quiche lorraine

Low FODMAP quiche lorraine

10 low fodmap partysnacks

10x low FODMAP party snacks

gluten-free bitterballen

Gluten-free bitterballen (Dutch beef croquette balls)

low fodmap and gluten-free puff pastry cheese pockets

Gluten-free puff pastry cheese pockets