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33 healthy low FODMAP dinner recipes

Two of the things that most people following the FODMAP diet struggle with is: what should I eat and how can I eat varied meals. I notice for myself too, that when I don’t pay attention, I fall into a routine where I make the same meals over and over because they are easy to make.

I make them weeks in a row until I realise that I don’t vary anymore and that is such a shame. Because there are so many easy and healthy low FODMAP dinner recipes that you can make.

Eating the same thing over and over isn’t necessary! This blog gives you inspiration for 33 low FODMAP recipes for dinner. So you never have to worry about what to eat anymore!

All my favourite healthy low FODMAP dinner recipes from the blog together. A blog that you will hopefully reference back to a lot. So you can put something different on the table at least once or twice per week. I think I am going to use this blog a lot myself!

If you want to learn more about how you can create your own low FODMAP recipes, I would encourage you to check out my low FODMAP recipes guide. In this guide, I talk about how you can create your own recipes in detail.

I give several examples of existing recipes and which steps you need to take to change them to a low FODMAP recipe. With this knowledge, you can take your favourite recipes and turn them in to low FODMAP recipes. I also share some more delicious FODMAP recipes. Blog favourites! 

I have divided the recipes below into meat recipes, fish recipes, vegetarian recipes and vegan recipes.

Meat recipes

1. Pulled chicken tortillas

I am so happy that corn tortillas are low FODMAP! For these tortillas I made homemade pulled chicken and served it with coleslaw in the corn tortillas. Yum! 

low FODMAP pulled chicken tortilla's - karlijnskitchen.com

2. Grilled chicken salad

A nice and light low FODMAP dinner recipe! Perfect for warmer days or for days when you don’t feel like having a heavy dinner. 

gegrilde kip salade - karlijnskitchen.com

3. Carrot rice nasi goreng

I have a recipe for traditional nasi goreng on the blog, which is very popular. One day when I was looking for a lighter version of this recipe, I made a nasi goreng with carrot rice instead of normal rice. I really didn’t have high expectations of it, but it turned out to be very nice! 

nasi van wortelrijst - karlijnskitchen.com

4. Healthy kapsalon (döner / shawarma)

In the Netherlands, a “kapsalon” is a very popular fastfood meal and it is often eaten after going out. It is made of fries with on top döner or shawarma meat. Covered in a layer of melted cheese and with salad on top.

The original recipe contains something like 1.000 or 1.500 calories per serving, but I made a lighter version of it and it is delicious! I used sweet potatoes because I tolerate them quite well, but you can also use normal potatoes. 

Healthy kapsalon - Karlijnskitchen.com

5. Chicken tikka masala

This is one of the most popular low FODMAP dinner recipes on my blog. And I understand why because it is one of these classic recipes that everybody loves to have a low FODMAP version of.

I haven’t made it myself for way to long, so I am going to put it on my to-cook list again! 

Kip tikka masala - karlijnskitchen.com

6. Crustless quiche with spinach and smoked chicken

Crustless quiches are a delicious light version of a quiche. This version is rich in protein because of the eggs, quark and smoked chicken. Very filling, but low in calories! 

low FODMAP crustless quiche

7. Low FODMAP vegetable soup with meatballs

Vegetable soup with meatballs is a real classic here in the Netherlands. When I was younger, we always ate it as a starter before dinner when we were eating at grandma’s place.

My grandma makes the best vegetable soup! If you fill it up with enough veggies, it can also easily be eaten as a full meal and that’s what I did in this recipe. 

low fodmap vegetable soup with meatballs

Low FODMAP dinner recipes – Fish

I really don’t make dinner recipes with fish often enough. I love eating fish now and then, but because it is relatively expensive, I usually stick with vegetarian dinners or chicken. A low FODMAP dinner with fish can be so good though!

My personal favourites are the recipes you see right below, the low FODMAP pad thai with shrimps and the spaghetti with salmon and lactose-free cream cheese. I could eat these dishes every day! 

8. Pad thai

Ohh pad thai, how much I love this dish. When I made this low FODMAP version several years ago, I fell head over heels in love with this Thai food. It is simple to make and so so so tasty. 

Pad thai - Karlijnskitchen.com

9. Pasta with salmon and cream cheese

Another very popular recipe on the blog. It is super simple to make with the ingredients only being lactose-free cream cheese, salmon, spinach and canned mushrooms and it is so good.

Like I said, I could eat this recipe every day, if salmon wasn’t so expensive. 

Low FODMAP creamy pasta with salmon and spinach on plate

10. Tomato risotto with shrimps

Tomato risotto was a dish that was on my to-cook list for a long time, when I finally decided to make it. I thought shrimps go very well with the tomato risotto and that turned out to be true. Real comfort food, that is what this recipe is! 

low FODMAP tomato risotto with shrimps

11. Pasta with tuna and grilled eggplant

I made this recipe when I had to cook a pasta with some leftover ingredients. I wasn’t even planning to publish it on the blog, but it was so good that I ended up making it again for the blog. The simplest recipes are often the best! 

pasta met tonijn, gegrilde aubergine en olijven - karlijnskitchen.com

12. Spring roll bowl with shrimps

In Eindhoven, where I live, we have a food market where they sell the most delicious spring roll bowls. A bowl with all the ingredients that you would usually put into a spring roll. This recipe is my recreation of that dish and oh I love it! 

spring roll bowl met garnalen - karlijnskitchen.com

13. Sushi bowl 

A sushi bowl definitely couldn’t be left out of my list with low FODMAP recipes for dinner. Whoever created this whole “putting everything in a bowl” trend is a genius. Making a sushi bowl is so much easier than rolling sushi and just as tasty!

Sushi bowl met zeekraal - Karlijnskitchen.com

14. Soba noodles with shrimps

I guess you have realised by now that this list basically is a list of all my favourite recipes on the blog because this is another one that I love. The combination of soba noodles with coconut milk is simply amazing. I put this recipe, in several variations, on the table weekly at home. It is such a breeze to make and that makes it the perfect meal to cook up after work. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - Sobanoedels met garnalen - Karlijnskitchen.com

Low FODMAP vegetarian recipes

I have been eating meat a lot less often lately. About 4-5 of my dinners a week are vegetarian now and I must say that I really enjoy vegetarian dishes. There are lots of ways that you can create low FODMAP vegetarian meals. The recipes below are good examples and if you are looking for more, I would suggest that you check out all my low FODMAP vegetarian recipes

15. Mushroom polenta with goat cheese

Polenta is a dish that I got to know several years back in Italy. Also in Slovenia, where my boyfriend is from, it is a dish that is eaten often. It is super versatile and can be used for breakfast dishes, but also dinner. This mushroom polenta is great for colder days. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - low fodmap champignon polenta - karlijnskitchen.com

16. Oven-baked brie frittata 

Frittata is another versatile dish. It can be great as a light dinner with some salad on the side, but is also great to take with you on the go for breakfast or lunch! 

brie frittata - karlijnskitchen.com

17. Pita pizza with grilled vegetables

This is a fun recipe to make a low FODMAP pizza very quickly. I topped gluten-free pita breads with tomato sauce and pizza toppings. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes and voilà, you have a pizza! 

low fodmap dinner recipes - pita pizza met gegrilde groenten - karlijnskitchen.com

18. Raspberry and brie salad

The perfect summer salad! Raspberries and brie make such a good combination in a salad. I love it! 

salade met frambozen en brie - karlijnskitchen.com

19. Taco bowl

Another bowl recipe! Ingredients that you would usually put into a taco, but then in a bowl with rice. It is healthy, light and super tasty. 

low fodmap taco bowl - karlijnskitchen.com

20. Risotto with spinach pesto

This was one of those recipes that I wasn’t sure about. I didn’t know if it would work out well and if you would like it. It turned out to become one of my favourite risotto recipes and seeing the fews on this blog post, it also is yours! 

low fodmap dinner recipes - risotto met spinazie pesto - karlijnskitchen.com

21. Low FODMAP mushroom burger

This mushroom burger might not look too tasty, but it is so good! Before my FODMAP period, I once ate a mushroom burger in one of my favourite lunchrooms in the Netherlands and it was wonderful. Since canned mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are low FODMAP, I decided to make a low FODMAP mushroom burger. It is definitely worth a try! 

low FODMAP mushroom burger - karlijnskitchen.com

22. Tortilla soup

A yummy tortilla soup made with tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots and lots of spices. Topped with cheese, lactose-free sour cream, olives, corn and spring onions. One of my favourite soups!

low fodmap dinner recipes - vegetarische tortilla soep - karlijnskitchen.com

23. Pumpkin risotto with feta 

Another simple risotto with pumpkin and feta! A delicious autumn dish. 

Pompoenrisotto met feta - Karlijnskitchen.com

24. Tortilla pizza

And again a way to make simple pizzas! This time not on a pita bread, but on a corn tortilla. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - wrap pizza

25. Falafel bowl

When I made low FODMAP falafel, I knew I had to make some more recipes with this. They are so good. I popped the falafels in a bowl with lots of veggies and that makes a very nice and healthy meal. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - falafel bowl

26. Quinoa bowl with kale and haloumi

Plenty of bowls in this post! For this bowl, I used quinoa as the basis and served it with several veggies, haloumi cheese and a nice dressing. 

Vegetarische quinoa bowl met boerenkool en halloumi - Karlijnskitchen.com

27. Mexican casserole with pumpkin

Another one of my favourite low FODMAP dinner recipes! A skinny Mexican pumpkin casserole with corn tortillas. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - Gezonde Mexicaanse ovenschotel met maistortilla's

Low FODMAP vegan recipes for dinner

Looking for some delicious low FODMAP dinner recipes that are vegan? On Karlijn’s Kitchen, I also have a collection of simple vegan recipes. Cooking low FODMAP vegan meals can feel like a challenge sometimes, but with some creativity you can still create tasty and varied meals! Click here to check out all low FODMAP vegan recipes on the blog. Below I have picked out 6 yummy vegan low FODMAP recipes for you: 

28. Roasted pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is always good! When you roast the pumpkins in the oven before putting them in the soup, you soup gets even more flavour. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - geroosterde pompoensoep - karlijnskitchen.com

29. Asian salad

A yummy Asian salad with lots of veggies, cilantro and crunchy peanuts. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - aziatische salade - karlijnskitchen.com

30. Low FODMAP tacos with vegan minced meat

Because most vegan minced meat that you can find in the supermarkets is not low FODMAP, I made my own lentil and walnut minced meat. When you serve this with hardshell tacos, you have a delicious meal. Leave the grated cheese out or replace it with vegan grated cheese for a vegan dinner. 

low fodmap dinner recipes - low FODMAP vegan tacos - karlijnskitchen.com

31. Spicy pumpkin noodle soup

Another pumpkin soup recipe, but then with noodles in it to make it extra filling. A totally different recipe than the other pumpkin soup recipe, so definitely worth a try! 

low fodmap dinner recipes - thaise pompoen noedelsoep - karlijnskitchen.com

32. Polenta pizza

Polenta pizza is probably not something that you eat on a weekly basis, but it is so worth the try. This pizza is different, vegan and delicious! 

vegan polenta pizza - karlijnskitchen.com

33. Sesame tempeh soba noodles

Love tempeh? Then this soba noodle dish is a must try! And also if you are not a fan of tempeh, be sure to give it a try. I needed a few tries to prepare tempeh in a tasty way, but now I love it.

If you are a fan of tempeh, you should definitely check out the recipe for sticky tempeh goreng too! 

vegan sesam tempeh soba noedels - karlijnskitchen.com

I hope this collection of low FODMAP dinner recipes will help you to create delicious varied low FODMAP meals. Switching your meals up now and then keeps low FODMAP eating fun! What are you going to make first? 

Together we go for a calm belly!

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  • Hannah says:

    Oh my gosh yum! These recipes look so good. I have really been wanting a buffalo chicken salad and a sushi bowl lately.

    Thank you for sharing these recipes!!

  • Donna says:

    How do I convert recipe to Standard instead of metric?

    • Karlijn says:

      I am not sure what you mean with standard, as the metric system is the measurement system that is used most around the world? Do you mean imperial? If you want to convert the recipes to cups and ounces, you can just Google the ingredient and then “gram to cup”. For example: rice gram to cup. Then you will find websites where you can easily convert the recipe. That is what I always do too when I want to convert recipes that use cups to grams.

      I am working on adding the cup measurements to all my recipes, but as I have over 400 recipes on the blog, you can probably imagine that it takes quite some time to get them all done. But just know that I am working on it!

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