Sauces and spreads

A jar with low FODMAP taco seasoning

Low FODMAP taco seasoning

Three low FODMAP salad dressings

3x low FODMAP salad dressing

Low FODMAP peppercorn on a plate

Low FODMAP peppercorn sauce

A white with blue pan with gravy in it

Low FODMAP gravy

Twee flessen olijfolie met knoflook en citroen erbij

Low FODMAP garlic-infused oil

Low FODMAP Turkish feta spread with walnuts on top

Low FODMAP Turkish feta spread

Low FODMAP pesto in a jar with pine nuts around

Low FODMAP pesto recipe

Low FODMAP red pesto in a bowl

Low FODMAP red pesto

Low FODMAP herb butter with basilicum next to it

Low FODMAP herb butter + variations

low FODMAP hoisin stir-fry sauce

Low FODMAP hoisin stir-fry sauce

low FODMAP vegetable stock

Low FODMAP vegetable stock

low fodmap caesar dressing

Low FODMAP caesar dressing

Low FODMAP mushroom cream sauce in a pan with a spoon in it

Low FODMAP mushroom cream sauce

A bowl of low FODMAP pasta sauce photographed from above

Low FODMAP pasta sauce

low fodmap egg salad -

Low FODMAP Egg salad

Low FODMAP sauces, spreads and condiments

Looking for low FODMAP sauces and spreads to make from scratch? In this category, you find simple recipes for low FODMAP sauces, such as pasta sauce and creamy mushroom sauce. And also recipes for homemade spreads and tapenades, such as muhammara and olive tapenade.