12 low FODMAP soups

On cold days there is nothing better than a warm bowl of low FODMAP soup.

Preferably with a slice of homemade sourdough bread or a bagel on the side.

I find soup the ideal way to use leftovers and I often put a big box of soup into the freezer so that I can eat soup when I don’t have time or don’t feel like cooking.

I also love to make low FODMAP soups to take with me to work.

Especially in the winter on a cold day, it is so good to eat some warm soup with your lunch or as a snack.

Over the years, I have collected quite a lot of recipes for low FODMAP soups on Karlijn’s Kitchen and I have listed them for you here. 

If you are eating vegetarian or vegan, I also have lots of options for you below. Soups are easily made vegan and lots of my favourite soups are originally vegan.

I love the vegan spicy tomato soup and the roasted pumpkin soup that you can find below. In this blog, you can find 5 vegan soups and 7 vegetarian ones. 

Also when you are a meat eater, I have several low FODMAP soups that you will enjoy. A delicious chicken noodle soup, mustard soup with bacon, beef ramen, and more.

In short: just keep on scrolling and pick out a yummy soup recipe for you to enjoy! 

Tortilla soup with homemade tortilla chips

This tortilla soup is a delicious filling soup with a Mexican twist. I made homemade tortilla chips with it (so simple!) and that makes the dish complete.

Creamy Mustard Soup

A classic soup in the Netherlands! We ate this as a starter for Christmas and everybody loved it. Simple and tasty!

Low FODMAP goulash soup

A soup for meat lovers. I always make my boyfriend very happy with this soup. You have to take some time for it because the meat has to stew for 2 hours, but apart from that you don’t have much work with this soup!

Low FODMAP Tomato soup with meatballs

A favorite that couldn’t be left off this list. Traditional tomato soup with meatballs. Delicious!

Low FODMAP chicken noodle soup

A great noodle soup with chicken. Easily made in the slow cooker and it takes you only 10 minutes to prepare.

Low FODMAP broccoli soup

I made a delicious low FODMAP broccoli soup with celeriac to imitate the traditional Dutch split pea soup, but without peas. A green and filling winter soup!

Low FODMAP Pumpkin noodle soup

A surprising pumpkin soup with noodles. Nice and spicy! The recipe has a bit of fish sauce in it, but if you leave this out, the soup is completely vegan. 

Low FODMAP mushroom soup

I find this soup a perfect replacement for the quick instant soup that I used to eat before the FODMAP diet. A light hearty soup that makes a perfect healthy snack.

Carrot Zucchini Soup with coconut milk

This is one of the oldest soup recipes on my blog, but it is still popular. This soup is extremely easy to make with only 5 ingredients.

Low FODMAP potato soup

A simple but tasty low FODMAP potato soup with carrot, the green part of leek and spring onion. Topped with cheddar cheese. Low lactose and gluten-free. 

Low FODMAP Spicy tomato soup

In Holland, we call this soup Chinese tomato soup. A spicy tomato soup with rice noodles. Easy to make and very tasty.

Low FODMAP Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is always a good idea. This pumpkin soup is extra tasty because you roast the pumpkin in the oven before you puree it.

Which low FODMAP soup recipe is your favourite? If you are going to make one of these low FODMAP soups, let me know by tagging me on instagram @karlijnskitchen or by using the hashtag #karlijnskitchen! 

Together we go for a calm belly!

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  • Cherrie says:

    Thank you for posting these low fodmap recipes. I’m going to try and make the carrot and courgette soup without the spices though., I’m not allowed spices.

    Any idea were I could buy low fodmap stock from? For us in Britain..

    Thanks cherrie

    • Emily says:

      Search ‘Massels 7s’ online – Amazon/Ebay do them, although you have to buy in bulk – bought 9 for about £10 recently.

  • Anna says:

    Thank you for the vegan recipes! <3 Sometimes it's challenging to be vegan and eat low FODMAP, but over time I've been able to find and more delicious vegan+FODMAP dishes. Going to try the carrot zucchini soup! 😀

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