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Business number (KVK): 70884005

Data processing

Karlijn’s Kitchen processes different kinds of data:

  • Statistics: we collect the pages that you visit and information that your web browser sends us to see in which way our website is being used. This information is used to improve the website.
  • E-mails: when you subscribe to email updates from Karlijn’s Kitchen, you will receive FODMAP-related tips and recipes from me on a regular basis. You can always unsubscribe for these emails through the link at the bottom of the emails.
  • Reactions and contact form: if you leave a reaction on Karlijn’s Kitchen or fill in the contact form, you leave your name and email address. This email address will only be used to contact you if you have asked a question or if you joined a give away and will never be shared with third parties. Only in the case that you win a giveaway, it might be necessary to share your information with the party that I organise the giveaway with, so they can send the prize to you. 
  • Address and payment data: this data is collected when you buy something at Karlijn’s Kitchen or work together with Karlijn’s Kitchen. This information is necessary to process your order, to make invoices or quotations and to meet the regulations of the Dutch tax office.

For more information about data processing through cookies, you can read the cookie policy.

Storage of data

Karlijn’s Kitchen does not store personal data longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the above. Address details and payment details are stored for up to 4 years after your last purchase or longer if we have to keep the data for longer on the basis of a legal obligation, for example for the tax authorities.

Data to third parties

I do not provide the information that you provide to third parties, only if this is necessary to execute my agreement with you or if I have to comply with a legal obligation. If you make a purchase on my website, your payment details, for example, must be forwarded to my payment provider in order to complete your purchase.

Website visit

General visitor data is stored on Karlijn’s Kitchen, including your IP address, the time of retrieval and data that the browser sends. This data is used for analysis of visitor- and click behaviour on the website. This data is used to improve the operation of the website. This data is anonymised as much as possible and is only provided to third parties when you visit a sponsored article. Even then this data is anonymous and the third party can only see how many visitors an article has had and how long visitors have been on the page on average. They won’t receive any specific information about your visitor behaviour. 

Request for inspection, correction or removal

You as a visitor have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data if applicable. For example, removing a response to an old article. You can then send a request for access, correction or deletion to I will respond to your request as soon as possible and within the set period of four weeks.

The processing of your personal data is done in compliance with the GDPR. In the Netherlands, these rules are enforced by the Authority Personal Data (Autoriteit persoonsgegevens).

Karlijn’s Kitchen secures the files where personal- and visitor data is stored. We make sure that this data is only accessible for authorized persons and that data is only used for the goal that it is collected with.

We will never abuse the data provided by you actively or passively.

If, in your opinion, the processing of personal data does not take place in the right way, you can always email me at and we will find a solution for this. You also always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

You can always contact me if you have any questions or comments.

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to this website by means of links. If you have questions or comments about third party websites, then it is advised to contact them.

Karlijn’s Kitchen reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. It is therefore advised to consult this privacy policy regularly, so that you are aware of these changes.


  • Jennifer Graham says:

    Awesome! I’m in desperate need of healthy low FODMAP recipes!!! ?

  • Nikki says:

    Love your site! Thank you for sharing your story and your knowledge ☺

    Over 3 years ago, I started having increasingly dreadful tummy bloating and discomfort, with weight loss and several episodes of doubling-up abdo pains, resulting in hospital admissions to A&E. After an Ultrasound scan, MRI scan, colonoscooy and endoscopy, the different consultants I saw just said they couldn’t really derermine what was wrong and, in the end, I was told it was probably IBS – and to manage as best I can!!
    Long story short, I saw a Naturopath who found I was not digesting gluten properly. I cut out gluten and felt so much better, but gradually bloating and discomfort returned 2 years later. Saw the Naturopath again, and not only did he find that I have SIBO, but also that I am not producing enough lactase enzymes to digest dairy products or lipase enzymes to digest fats!
    He suggested I stick to low FODMAP foods, continue with gluten free and try to go lactose free and low fat with my diet, and to take digestive enzymes and Oregano Oil capsules… Wow!

    Within a week, felt soon much better… I could hold in my tummy without discomfort, wear my jeans again, pains gone – and going to the loo almost became a pleasure, lol ?

    So to anyone else wondering what they can possibly eat, like I did, it really is possible to enjoy eating, with some key adjustments, research and patience!
    Loving your recipes…Please keep them coming! Gives me so much inspiration!
    Take care, Nikki x

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