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8x healthy low FODMAP lunch on the go

One of the things that I found most difficult when I just started the low FODMAP diet was making a low FODMAP lunch. Especially when you work or go to school, you want a simple and quick lunch to take with you, but with the limitations of the low FODMAP diet, I found that a lot more difficult. Over the years I have created a few go-to lunches that I love to take with me to work and therefore in this blog 8x a healthy low FODMAP lunch for on the go.

1. Low FODMAP sandwiches

One of the first things you probably think about when you think about a lunch on-the-go is sandwiches (Dutch people would definitely pick this as their go-to lunch). And of course, you can make low FODMAP sandwiches. Choose low FODMAP bread, such as sourdough spelt bread or gluten-free bread that is also low FODMAP. Make sure to check the ingredients in gluten-free bread because sometimes high FODMAP ingredients are added. Fill your sandwich with low FODMAP sandwich fillings. In this blog, you can find a lot of inspiration for sandwich fillings.

2. A low FODMAP salad

Salads are also a healthy low FODMAP lunch and easy to take with you. You put everything you like in a salad into a box and voilá you have a healthy and tasty lunch. As a basis, you can use lettuce or low FODMAP grains, such as rice, gluten-free pasta, quinoa or millet. You add low FODMAP veggies and optionally some meat, fish, tofu, tempeh or egg. I already shared several low FODMAP salad recipes with you, such as this salad with chicken thigh, rice salad with tuna, grilled chicken salad, raspberry brie salad and pumpkin lentil salad.

grilled chicken salad - karlijnskitchen.com

3. Low FODMAP soup

If you have the possibility to heat your food at work, you can also bring a homemade soup. A great lunch if you combine it with one or two slices of low FODMAP bread. All you need is a box or a cup that closes well and of course a tasty low FODMAP soup. For example zucchini-carrot soup, roasted pumpkin soup, tomato soup, carrot soup, mustard soup or tortilla soup.

4. Buckwheat pancakes

One of my favourites lately is buckwheat pancakes or wraps. I make the pancakes using this recipe. I often bake about 8 pancakes on Sunday and I store them in aluminium foil in the fridge. I take 2 pancakes with me to work and top them with cheese, low FODMAP meat, peanut butter or veggies.

buckwheat pancakes - karlijnskitchen.com

5. Egg wraps or egg muffins

Something I also love is healthy egg wraps. I prepare them in the morning before I go to work or the evening before. On my blog, you can find a recipe for egg wraps: this one. Egg muffins are also a tasty lunch. I often bake them on Sunday and then I have lunch for 2 or 3 days. I usually take 2 muffins each day and eat some salad or a slice of low FODMAP bread on the side.

6. Left-overs from dinner

Left-overs from dinner also make a delicious lunch. I regularly make a bit more dinner in the evening and put the left-overs in a box to take with me to work. At work, I heat the food in the microwave and voilá: a delicious lunch. My favourites to take with me are tofu fried rice, quinoa bowl, carrot rice nasi goreng and pasta pesto salad.

carrot rice nasi goreng - karlijnskitchen.com

7. A larger portion of a low FODMAP snack

Sometimes, when I really don’t have a lot of time, I bring a larger portion of a low FODMAP snack with me for lunch. For example banana bread, yoghurt bread, chocolate zucchini bread or healthy muffins, such as these. I eat two slices or two muffins with some fruit on the side.

8. Breakfast for lunch

I LOVE breakfast and therefore I really don’t mind to have a breakfast meal for lunch now and then. I take oatmeal, polenta porridge, quinoa porridge, overnight oats or savoury oatmeal with me to work. Super easy and tasty!

snickers oatmeal - karlijnskitchen.com

8 different healthy lunch ideas! With these ideas, you must be able to make varied low FODMAP lunches! I eat different things every week and I love that. What are your favourite low FODMAP lunches?

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