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10 low FODMAP chicken recipes

Low FODMAP chicken recipes are pretty popular on Karlijn’s Kitchen. I realized this when I deleted the tag for “chicken” on my blog and suddenly lost quite a few visitors. Oops, apparently lots of people entered my website through that page. Because chicken is so popular, I thought it would be nice to put 10 tasty low FODMAP chicken recipes together in one blog for you!

Are you familiar with the tags on Karlijn’s Kitchen? Through tags you can easily look for recipes with certain ingredients. I tag all my recipes with the most important main ingredients, such as chicken, vegetarian, vegan or rice. You can find these tags at the bottom of a recipe, right below the recipe card. If you click a tag, you will get a list of all the recipes that have that tag. This makes it very easy to search for for example a recipe with fish or a casserole.

1. Chicken cordon blue

Sometimes there are recipes that I have been missing a lot since I started to eat low FODMAP. Chicken cordon blue is one of those. We don’t ate this often at home, but when we did everybody was always excited. This low FODMAP version is just as good as the chicken cordon blue that I remember!

gluten-free chicken cordon bleu - karlijnskitchen.com

2. Mozzarella chicken in tomato sauce

A very simple recipe that feels quite luxury. That is this mozzarella chicken in tomato sauce. Only 5 ingredients, but super tasty.

mozzarella chicken in tomato sauce - karlijnskitchen.com

3. Chicken satay

Chicken skewers with satay sauce. A recipe that has to be in my list with chicken recipes. Both among my Dutch and my English-speaking readers this is one of the most popular chicken recipes. Delicious to make on the BBQ or just in a pan.

low fodmap chicken satay - karlijnskitchen.com

4. Chicken burgers

Don’t mind the horrible pictures, this is an older recipe from my blog and it is clear that I wasn’t using a camera for my pictures yet. Haha. But the recipe is definitely worth trying. Juicy chicken burgers, delicious on a bun with some homemade fries on the side or with a salad if you want a slightly lighter meal.

Chicken burgers - Karlijnskitchen.com

5. Chicken meatloaf

Another not so nice picture, but quite a nice recipe. A meatloaf made with chicken minced meat! Very good with some potatoes and a salad on the side.

Healthy meatloaf with chicken meat - Karlijnskitchen.com

6. Stuffed chicken breast with polenta

Delicious chicken stuffed with mozzarella, spinach and sundried tomatoes. I made polenta with it in this recipe, but it also goes very well with potatoes.

Stuffed chicken with crunchy polenta - Karlijnskitchen.com

7. Homemade chicken shawarma

Chicken shawarma in a pita bread. Also pure comfort food for me. Usually we eat it with lots of garlic sauce, but as that is far from low FODMAP, I made a tasty yoghurt dressing with it instead.

Home-made chicken shawarma - Karlijnskitchen.com

8. Grilled chicken salad

Don’t feel like cooking? Then make this quick chicken salad with grilled chicken! Because of the chicken and the bacon, the salad is lukewarm and that always makes a salad feel more like a full meal to me. I love it!

grilled chicken salad - karlijnskitchen.com

9. Crunchy chicken nuggets with a cornflakes crust

This is a recipe from a reader from Karlijn’s Kitchen. She shared this recipe in her food diary on my blog and it looked so good that I asked her if she wanted to share the recipe with us. It became one of my favourite ways to prepare chicken. So tasty and crunchy!

low fodmap crispy chicken with a cornflakes crust - karlijnskitchen.com

10. Healthy kapsalon 

This is a dish that you probably won’t know if you are not from the Netherlands. Kapsalon is a Dutch shawarma / kebab dish created by a barber from Rotterdam (kapsalon literally means hairdresser in Dutch). It usually consists of fries, döner kebab, lettuce, tomato, loads of garlic sauce and melted cheese. One serving can be about 1800 calories. I made a healthy low FODMAP version of it and it is delicious!

Healthy kapsalon - Karlijnskitchen.com

I hope that I have given you some inspiration for tasty low FODMAP chicken recipes. Do you want to see all the recipes on the blog with chicken? You can find them here.

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