10 low fodmap partysnacks

10x low FODMAP party snacks

I find party snacks one of the most difficult kind of recipes to create. When I host a party, I always have difficulties to make up some tasty and original snacks. Of course you can simply go for some chips, nuts and veggies.

That will always do well, but I also like to make something a bit more special. Usually I try to make two more special low FODMAP party snacks and next to that I will also serve chips, nuts and some veggies to snack on.

Luckily, I have created quite some tasty low FODMAP party snacks over the past years and today I am putting them together for you. To give you some inspiration for New Years Eve!

It is a mix between very easy snacks, snacks that take some more time to prepare, healthy snacks and less healthy snacks. There is something for everyone here!

1. Low FODMAP bitterballen

I had to kick this list off with a Dutch classic. Bitterballen or Dutch beef croquettes are a very popular party snack here. The croquettes are usually filled with a beef ragout, but you can also easily make vegetarian bitterballen with another filling.

gluten-free bitterballen

2. Cucumber bites

You can use cucumber as a replacement for bread and make a very light and healthy snack. In this post I share three different types of cucumber bites.

low FODMAP cucumber bites - karlijnskitchen.com

3. Low FODMAP tortilla roll-ups

Tortilla roll-ups are also a very popular party snack in the Netherlands. I love making them with smoked salmon or smoked chicken and lactose-free cream cheese, but you can fill them with whatever you like.

low FODMAP tortilla roll-ups - karlijnskitchen.com

4. Low FODMAP cheese croquettes

If I am given this snack on a party, I would be over the moon because man these cheese croquettes are good. It probably is one of my favourite low FODMAP party snacks. They cost some more time to make, but that is totally worth it.

low FODMAP cheese croquettes - karlijnskitchen.com

5. Low FODMAP bruschetta

Super simple to make and most people love it: bruschettas! I choose a traditional topping with tomato, but there are a lot of variations possible.

low fodmap bruscetta - karlijnskitchen.com

6. Low FODMAP arancini (risotto balls)

Another deep fried snack! These arancini are a little less well known than bitterballen or cheese croquettes, but these little balls are so good! You can easily make them from some risotto leftovers. You roll the risotto into balls, roll them into breadcrumbs, fry them and voilà a great party snack.

low FODMAP risotto balls - arancini - karlijnskitchen.com

7. Low FODMAP flammkuchen pita

Flammkuchen made on a gluten-free pitta bread. A super fast way to make a low FODMAP flammkuchen. I made a traditional flammkuchen with cream cheese, bacon and spring onion (as a replacement for normal onion). Everyone who I served it too loved it!

low fodmap pita flammkuchen - karlijnskitchen.com

8. Low FODMAP puff pastry cheese pockets

Cheese pockets made with puff pastry. They are very easy to make and delicious. You can choose to use normal puff pastry for your guests (as gluten-free is very expensive) and use gluten-free puff pastry for yourself. Like this everybody will have a nice snack.

Low FODMAP puff pastry cheese pockets

9. Low FODMAP blinis

Blinis are mini pancakes from buckwheat flour that you top with toppings of your choice. A very nice party snack that you can vary with endlessly.

low fodmap blini's - karlijnskitchen.com

10. Low FODMAP nacho’s

One of my favourite low FODMAP party snacks ever. Nacho’s are SO good. I know that when I put this on the table when I am with my friends, the entire plate will be gone within minutes, so nachos are always a good idea.

low fodmap nachos - karlijnskitchen.com

With these 10 low FODMAP party snacks you can definitely find something nice to serve on your party. What is your favourite party snack? 

Are you looking for some more low FODMAP snack inspiration? Then make sure to also check my blog with 80+ low FODMAP snack ideas

Together we go for a calm belly!

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