lactose free

A bowl of low FODMAP fried rice with a spoon above it taking a spoonful out of it

Low FODMAP fried rice

roasted pumpkin soup -

Low FODMAP Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Healthy strawberry cheesecake -

Lactose-free healthy strawberry cheesecake

Een kom low FODMAP Turkse linzensoep met verse peterselie erin

Low FODMAP Turkish lentil soup

Low FODMAP shakshuka in a pan with spring onion and parsley

Low FODMAP shakshuka

A jar with gluten-free chocolate buckwheat granola

Gluten-free buckwheat granola

Egg muffins with smoked salmon -

Low FODMAP egg muffins with smoked salmon

A bowl of low FODMAP healthy chocolate coconut balls

Low FODMAP healthy chocolate coconut balls

A bowl of low FODMAP chicken noodle soup

Low FODMAP chicken noodle soup

A plate with low FODMAP kale potato mash

Low FODMAP kale mashed potatoes (Dutch boerenkool)

A low FODMAP banana bread with a slice next to it

Low FODMAP Banana Bread

Low FODMAP chocolate crinkle cookies

Low FODMAP chocolate crinkle cookies

Three low FODMAP mini pavlovas

Low FODMAP mini pavlovas with red fruits

A bowl of low FODMAP salmorejo

Low FODMAP salmorejo

Low FODMAP pulled pork on a bun with coleslaw and fries

Low FODMAP pulled pork from the slow cooker

Low FODMAP lactose-free recipes

The recipes in this categorie are low FODMAP and next to that suitable for people who have to eat completely lactose-free. If you can tolerate a little bit of lactose, you can also take a look at my low lactose recipes. In the FODMAP diet, a small amount of lactose is allowed (if you tolerate it of course) and the low lactose recipes are all suitable for the FODMAP diet.