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Low FODMAP yogurt bread with blueberries

I am totally into healthy snacks again. Two weeks ago I shared a recipe for a Chocolate chip banana bread and today I have another healthy recipe for you: low FODMAP yogurt bread with blueberries! 

For the last few months, I have been enjoying cakes and chocolates a bit too much and that’s why I want to focus on making more healthy choices again! I am still doing personal body plan (an online program focused on food and strength training where you learn to develop a healthy lifestyle) and I want to follow my plan well for the next 2/3 months, so I will feel good in a bikini this summer! 😉

A low FODMAP yogurt bread with blueberries

This yogurt bread is another snack that is easy to take with you on the go or at school or at work.

If you want to preserve the yogurt bread for a longer time, you can cut it into slices after it has cooled down and freeze it. I usually take a slice from the freezer in the morning and take it with me to work.

The batter for a low FODMAP yogurt bread in a bowl

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Kwarkbrood met blauwe bessen - Karlijnskitchen.com

Low FODMAP yogurt bread with blueberries

  • Author: Karlijn
  • Total Time: 55 mins
  • Servings: 10 1x


This yogurt bread with blueberries is a delicious healthy snack. Easy to take with you on the go or at work. Lactose-free and low FODMAP!


  • 150 g oat flour
  • 50 g gluten-free flour
  • 50 g sieved spelt flour
  • 1 banana
  • 1 egg
  • 250 g lactose-free Greek (or any other thicker) yogurt
  • 100 g blueberries
  • 2 tbsp lactose-free milk
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • A splash of vanilla extract
  • A splash of lemon juice
  • A pinch of salt


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (or 375 degrees Celsius), grease a baking tin and layer with baking parchment.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
  3. Mash the banana and put this in a bowl together with the yogurt, egg, vanilla extract and lemon juice.
  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix everything together. Add two tablespoons of milk or a bit more if the mixture remains too dry. The mixture will remain quite thick.
  5. Finally, stir the blueberries into the batter and put the batter in the prepared baking tin.
  6. Put the yogurt bread in the oven for 40-45 minutes until a toothpick comes out cle


Sieved spelt flour is low FODMAP, but not gluten-free. If you want to make this recipe gluten-free, you can use 50 g extra oat flour (certified gluten-free) or gluten-free flour instead of the spelt flour.

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 45 mins
Yogurt bread with blueberries - Karlijnskitchen.com

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