10 low FODMAP pasta recipes

10 low FODMAP pasta recipes

What is better than a comforting plate of pasta now and then? I love pasta and we eat it at least once per week. It is such a simple and versatile dish and almost everybody likes it.

The only thing that I notice, is that I have to keep challenging myself to vary with pasta. That standard pasta bolognese is fine, but there are so many ways to prepare pasta.

When I make different kinds of pasta, I always realise how delicious pasta really is. In this blog I share 10 low FODMAP pasta recipes with you, so that you will have enough inspiration to try different kinds of pasta dishes! 

1. Spaghetti Carbonara

A delicious classic recipe! 

Low FODMAP spaghetti carbonara - Karlijnskitchen.com

2. Greek pasta salad

A tasty pasta salad for warmer days. You can eat it as a full meal or serve it as a side dish at a BBQ or party! 

Greek pasta salad - Karlijnskitchen.com

3. Gnocchi with chicken and spinach

This yummy potato pasta might be one of my favourites kind of pasta. In this recipe I serve the gnocchi with chicken, spinach and a creamy sauce. 

creamy chicken and spinach gnocchi - Karlijnskitchen.com

4. Muhammara pasta

A vegan pasta with muhammara sauce as a basis. 

muhammara pasta - karlijnskitchen.com

5. Pasta puttanesca

A pasta that I got to know not too long ago, but that became a favourite very quickly. Pasta with tomato sauce, anchovies, capers and olives. 

low FODMAP pasta puttanesca - karlijnskitchen.com

6. Pasta pesto with carpaccio

Pasta with pesto and carpaccio. A fantastic combination. 

low FODMAP pasta pesto with carpaccio - karlijnskitchen.com

7. Pasta salad with halloumi

A vegetarian pasta salad with halloumi cheese. 

low FODMAP pasta salad with haloumi - karlijnskitchen.com

8. Pasta with salmon and cream cheese

A reader’s favourite on the blog. This combination always does well. 

Low FODMAP creamy pasta with salmon and spinach on plate

9. Baked pasta with chicken and cream cheese

A low FODMAP version of one of my favourite Jamie Oliver recipes! 

Baked pasta with chicken and cream cheese - Karlijnskitchen.com

10. Spaghetti with shrimps and spinach pesto

A simple homemade spinach pesto and shrimps are the basis of this pasta! 

low FODMAP spaghetti with spinach pesto and shrimps - karlijnskitchen.com

Mmm, did you start craving pasta already? What is your favourite low FODMAP pasta recipe? 

Together we go for a calm belly!

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