Are strawberries low FODMAP?

Yes, strawberries are low FODMAP. But you can only eat a limited amount of them.

A serving of 65 grams of strawberries, approximately strawberries, is low FODMAP.

The Monash FODMAP app indicates that a serving of 75 grams of strawberries contains an average amount of fructose and a serving of 100 grams or more contains a large amount of fructose.

If you are still in the elimination phase of the diet or if you know that you react to the FODMAP group fructose, it is advisable to stick to a maximum serving of 65 grams of strawberries per meal.

If you know that you tolerate fructose well, you can try a larger portion.

Changes in the FODMAP levels for strawberries

Monash University has adjusted the safe low FODMAP serving size for strawberries in 2021. Until then, there was no maximum serving for strawberries and the app stated that you could eat them freely.

How could such a big change have occurred? Monash University indicates that this has to do with the way strawberries are grown and stored.

Because of this, it is possible that the FODMAP content of strawberries differs per region or country.

So have you come across a FODMAP overview somewhere that includes strawberries in the “eat freely” category? Please know that this list is no longer up to date and that 65 grams is the recommended safe serving for strawberries.

I always used to eat larger servings of strawberries

Did you always eat larger quantities of strawberries without complaints? Then this adjustment doesn’t mean that you have to change how many strawberries you eat.

The amounts in the Monash FODMAP app are a guideline and are useful to follow if you are still in the elimination phase of the diet.

But if you used to eat more than 65 grams of strawberries without complaints, you can keep doing that.

Do you feel like you were having gut symptoms after eating strawberries? Then I would advise bringing your serving down to 65 grams per meal and see if that makes any difference.

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