Is spinach low FODMAP?

Yes, spinach is low FODMAP!

But the FODMAP contents and safe serving size differ between different kinds of spinach.

What kinds of spinach are low FODMAP?

Monash University differentiates between three different kinds of spinach in their FODMAP app:

  • English spinach, raw: a serving of 75 grams is low FODMAP. No maximum serving size is mentioned.
  • Baby spinach, raw: a serving of 75 grams is low FODMAP. At servings of 150 grams or more baby spinach contains a moderate amount of fructans and intake should be limited.
  • Water spinach, raw: a serving of 75 grams is low FODMAP. This food remains low in FODMAPs in a serving size of up to 500 grams.

What is the difference between baby spinach and English spinach?

Baby spinach are spinach leaves that are harvested before they mature. Baby spinach is often used in salads.

Water spinach is a water vegetable that is often eaten in South-East Asia. You can eat water spinach in a large serving before it becomes high in FODMAPs.

Because no limitations are given for English spinach in the Monash FODMAP app, it is expected that you can eat several servings of English spinach without problems.

Is cooked spinach low FODMAP?

Yes, it is. The Monash app usually gives serving sizes for raw vegetables.

This is because you usually measure vegetables before you cook them. Spinach becomes a lot smaller when you cook it.

So simply measure your spinach before you cook it and then proceed to use it in your meal.

Low FODMAP recipes for spinach

Looking for some inspiration to create low FODMAP recipes with spinach? I have some yummy recipes listed for you below:

Enjoy your low FODMAP meal with spinach!

A low FODMAP pumpkin and spinach quich with feta with spinach leaves next to it

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