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Is broccoli low FODMAP?

The short answer to the question “Is broccoli low FODMAP?” is: Yes! In certain amounts it is.

But, as it is often on the low FODMAP diet, you can’t eat broccoli in unlimited servings and the amount you can eat differs for the part of the broccoli that you are eating. Let me explain this to you.

Broccoli and fructose

Broccoli contains the FODMAP fructose. The tests done by Monash University, show that the fructose content differs for broccoli stalks and broccoli heads.

The amounts that you can safely eat of those differ:

  • Broccoli heads: low FODMAP at 75 grams (or 3/4 cup). Broccoli heads contain a moderate amount of fructose in servings of 240 grams (2 2/3 cups or more).
  • Broccoli stalks: low FODMAP at 45 grams (or 1/3 cup). Broccoli stalks contain a moderate amount of fructose in servings of 50 grams.
Low FODMAP broccoli heads

For the broccoli heads, you can see that they become high in fructose at a relatively large serving of 240 grams.

This means you can probably eat more than 75 grams of broccoli in a serving, but I would advise staying well below the maximum amount of 240 grams. Just to be safe.

You can test for yourself what amount works for you. I use broccoli in my meals in servings from 100 to 200 grams without problems.

I am very happy that broccoli heads are low FODMAP in such a large serving because it is a delicious vegetable that can be used in meals in many different ways.

For broccoli stalks, you can see that there is almost no difference between the low FODMAP serving and the serving that contains a moderate amount of FODMAPs.

For broccoli stalks, you should therefore stick to the serving size of 45 grams.

Do you already know that fructose isn’t a problem for you? Then you can experiment with larger servings of broccoli stalks and heads or both of them combined.

Different broccolis together

Other kinds of broccoli

Monash University has also tested broccolini or baby broccoli and Gai lan or Chinese broccoli.

You can find the serving sizes for these types of broccoli below:

  • Broccolini, heads: low FODMAP in a serving of 58 grams. Contains a moderate amount of fructose in servings of 87 grams or more.
  • Broccolini, stalks: low FODMAP in a serving of 90 grams. Contains a moderate amount of fructans in servings of 320 grams or more.
  • Gai lan / Chinese broccoli: low FODMAP in a serving of 75 grams (1 cup, chopped). Contains a moderate amount of fructans in servings of 285 grams (4 1/4 cups) or more.

As you can see, for broccolini it is the other way around: broccolini stalks are low FODMAP in larger servings than broccolini heads.

How to add broccoli to your low FODMAP meals

  • Steam or cook a few broccoli heads and use them in the sauce of a curry.
  • Put some raw broccoli heads into your food processor and pulse until you have broccoli rice. Stir-fry this with oil for a few minutes.

    Use it as a side dish together with some rice or as a low-carb replacement for rice.
  • Add a few stir-fried or cooked broccoli heads to your rice dish or pasta.
  • Make broccoli soup, according to the recipe below.

Recipes with broccoli

Fancy eating some broccoli? You can find low FODMAP recipes with broccoli here:

What is your favorite recipe with broccoli?

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