Pasta salad with smoked chicken, cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes photographed from above

Low FODMAP pasta salad with smoked chicken and cottage cheese

A low FODMAP taco bake with oven mitts next to it

Low FODMAP Taco Bake with minced meat

Pierogi Ruskie - Polish dumplings - Karlijnskitchen.com

Pierogi Ruskie (Polish Dumplings)

Six low FODMAP falafels on a plate with lettuce

Low FODMAP falafel with millet

A low FODMAP salmon poke bowl photographed from above

Low FODMAP salmon poke bowl

Turkish eggplant casserole with pilav

Low FODMAP Turkish eggplant casserole

Low FODMAP recipes for dinner

Felt panicked the first time you heard that you had to start cooking low FODMAP recipes? Don’t worry, I’ve got you sorted. Since 2014, I have shared over 150 low FODMAP dinner recipes on Karlijn’s Kitchen. Simple recipes that will help you create delicious low FODMAP meals that the entire family will love. Rather create your own recipes? Then check my guide for making low FODMAP recipes!