Is quinoa low FODMAP?

Yes, quinoa is low FODMAP! And can be eaten during the FODMAP diet.

Monash University tested three types of quinoa: black quinoa, white quinoa, and red quinoa.

All three types of quinoa are low FODMAP in a portion of 155 grams of cooked quinoa (1 cup) and remain low FODMAP up to a portion of 500 grams.

So you can choose both white quinoa and a mix of the three colors of quinoa in the supermarket.

What quinoa products are low FODMAP?

There are also different types of products that have quinoa as a base. Monash University has also tested a number of these:

  • Quinoa flour: a portion of up to 100 grams (2/3 cups) is low FODMAP.
  • Quinoa flakes: a portion of 45 grams (1 cup) is low FODMAP. A portion of 120 grams or more contains an average amount of fructans.
  • Quinoa milk: a portion of 240 ml (1 cup) is low FODMAP.
  • Quinoa-based pasta: a portion of up to 155 grams (1 cup) of cooked quinoa pasta is low FODMAP.

Puffed quinoa has not been tested by Monash University. Based on the test results above, I would expect that you can also eat this.

However, with rice, for example, puffed rice is low FODMAP in much smaller quantities than normal rice. So it is smart to always test for yourself how you react to such a product.

Low FODMAP recipes with quinoa

On Karlijn’s Kitchen, you can find several tasty recipes with quinoa:

What is your favorite quinoa recipe? What recipe are you going to try?

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