What bread is low FODMAP?

One of the products I get the most questions about on the FODMAP diet is bread. Is bread low FODMAP and which types of bread can you eat during the FODMAP diet?

I’ll explain it to you in this blog!

Bread and FODMAPs

Bread is one product that needs some explanation on the FODMAP diet. Luckily, you don’t have to avoid all kinds of bread during the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.

The FODMAP diet is sometimes confused with a gluten-free diet. The FODMAP diet is not a gluten-free diet. And you don’t have to avoid gluten.

This confusion arises because one of the FODMAP groups that you limit in the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet is the group of fructans.

Fructans are found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye, which also contain gluten. So that’s why the confusion arises.

Limiting fructans and avoiding gluten is not the same thing

A big difference, however, is that on the FODMAP diet, you limit fructans. And if you have celiac disease, you should avoid gluten completely.

So you will see that on the FODMAP diet, you can eat products with small amounts of fructans. And traces of fructans are no problem.

While people with celiac disease cannot eat products with traces of gluten in them and must be very careful how foods are prepared so that no cross-contamination occurs.

So that is an important difference to take into account when we look at which types of bread you can and cannot eat during the FODMAP diet.

Eating wheat bread on the FODMAP diet

Wheat is one of the grains that contains the FODMAP group fructans. Large amounts of wheat are therefore not recommended during the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.

But you don’t have to avoid it completely. Monash University has tested various products containing wheat, such as different types of bread. Small amounts of some types of wheat bread can be eaten during the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.

To make sure that you know the safe amounts for different foods, I recommend downloading the Monash University FODMAP app. The information contained herein is always according to the latest guidelines of the FODMAP diet.

The following types of bread that contain wheat have a safe low FODMAP amount:

  • Cornbread: 1 slice of 35 grams is low FODMAP.
  • Whole wheat bread: 1 slice of 24 grams is low FODMAP.
  • White wheat bread: 1 slice of 24 grams is low FODMAP.
  • English muffins: 1 muffin of 67 grams is low FODMAP

The above is therefore the maximum that is advised to eat in the elimination phase. In most cases, two slices of these types of bread will contain a high amount of fructans. And sometimes also galactans or fructose.

Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread is lower in FODMAPs than bread made with yeast. The process of making sourdough bread, which involves making a sourdough starter that ferments, reduces the fructans in the bread dough. This makes the end product lower in FODMAPs.

That is why you see in the Monash app that different types of sourdough bread are low in FODMAPs in larger quantities than bread made with yeast:

  • Oat sourdough bread: 1 slice or 26 grams is low FODMAP.
  • Sourdough spelled bread: 2.5 slices per meal or 41 grams is a low FODMAP portion.
  • White wheat sourdough bread: 2 slices per meal or 109 grams is a low FODMAP portion.
  • Whole wheat sourdough bread: 2 slices per meal or 97 grams is a low FODMAP portion.

For the oat sourdough bread, the app says that 2 slices contain an average amount of galactans and that you should be careful with this. No maximum amount is mentioned for the other types of sourdough bread.

I would stick to the above portions in the elimination phase. But you can always test for yourself whether a larger serving of sourdough bread also works for you.

Gluten-free bread

Gluten-free bread is also an option during the FODMAP diet. But you can’t just eat any type of gluten-free bread. Sometimes ingredients that are high in FODMAPs are added to gluten-free breads.

Such as flours that are high in FODMAPs (for example amaranth flour or lupine flour) or ingredients such as inulin, fructose, or chicory fiber.

That is why it is important to carefully check the ingredients list when buying gluten-free bread.

Gluten-free brands that have been tested

In the Monash app, you can find a few brands of gluten-free bread that have been tested and are low FODMAP.


The Monash app shows several breads from the brand Schär that are low FODMAP.

These include:

  • Artisan baker white bread
  • Artisan baker multigrain bread
  • Artisan baker 10 grains & seeds bread
  • Deli style bread sourdough

And bake-off bread such as:

  • Kaiser rolls
  • Ciabatta rolls and ciabatta multigrain rolls
  • Mehrkornbrötchen
  • Sandwich rolls
  • Hotdog rolls
  • Mini baguette
  • Hamburger Buns


The bread schnitzer is also in the Monash FODMAP app. With the following gluten-free breads:

  • Gluten-free baguette classic
  • Gluten-free baguette grainy
  • Gluten-free rustic bread
  • Gluten-free classic bread
  • Gluten-free panini classic
  • Gluten-free panini grainy

COBS bread

From the brand COBS bread the product line LowFOD™ has several breads that have been tested and can be eaten on the FODMAP diet:

  • LowFOD™ Loaf
  • LowFOD™ Bun
  • LowFOD™ Mini loaf

To conclude

During the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet, you can choose from sourdough bread, wheat bread in small quantities, and gluten-free bread.

I always recommend trying different options and choosing what works best for you.

Your personal tolerance level and response to a product is what matters most. The information in the app is a guideline that can help you make choices.

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