Is asparagus low FODMAP?

You can find information about green asparagus in the Monash University app. Green asparagus is high in FODMAPs and contains the FODMAP groups fructose and fructans.

Green asparagus

1 green asparagus contains an average amount of fructose. If you eat 5 asparagus or more, your portion contains a large amount of fructose and fructans.

A portion of 2/3 green asparagus is a low FODMAP portion. But this is so little that unfortunately, you can’t do much with it.

If you tolerate fructose well, you can probably eat more green asparagus. But note that from 5 green asparagus or more, they also contain a large amount of fructans.

White asparagus

Here in the Netherlands, white asparagus is very popular. Unfortunately, Monash University has not tested white asparagus, so it is unknown whether you can eat white asparagus during the FODMAP diet.

Because green and white asparagus come from the same asparagus plant, I expect that both types are not low FODMAP. However, this does not always hold up, because how products are grown can also influence the FODMAP content.

Green asparagus is grown above ground and white asparagus underground.

Do you want to eat white asparagus? Then I advise you to test for yourself how you respond to it.

Start with a small amount and see how that goes. If that goes well, you can increase the amount.

It is also an idea to start by testing white asparagus from a jar, which you rinse well. Canned or jarred products are often lower in FODMAPs because the FODMAPs leak into the jar’s water, thereby lowering the amount of FODMAPs in the product.

Again, Monash University has not tested white asparagus, so the above is only based on what is known from other products. For example, canned mushrooms are low in FODMAP, while fresh mushrooms are high in FODMAP.

I would recommend only testing white asparagus after you have completed the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.

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