Are dates low FODMAP?

Dates are low FODMAP in a small serving. A serving of 30 grams or 5 dates is low FODMAP.

At 46 grams or more, your serving contains an average amount of sorbitol and fructans. When you eat a serving of 61 grams of dates or more, your portion contains an average amount of sorbitol and a large amount of fructans.

So if you are still in the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet, it is best to stick to a serving of a maximum of 30 grams.

Medjool dates

In addition to regular dates, Monash University also tested medjool dates. For Medjool dates, 20 grams or 1 date is a low FODMAP serving.

A serving of 40 grams or 2 dates contains an average amount of sorbitol and fructans. And in a portion of 3 Medjool dates or 60 grams, your serving contains a high amount of sorbitol and an average amount of fructans.

How can I use dates in the elimination phase?

Because a small serving of dates is allowed, you can eat them during the elimination phase of the diet. A few ideas:

  • Fill a few dates with peanut butter for a sweet snack.
  • Or eat them as a savory snack by filling them with a little bit of lactose-free cream cheese, wrapping them with bacon, and then briefly warming them in the oven. Hmmm.
  • Dates are also often used in healthy baking recipes. If the amount of dates per serving stays below 30 grams, you can also use them in a baking recipe.

    Be careful not to stack fructans and sorbitol in the recipe.

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