Review: Gluten-free cookies and snacks by Mrs Crimbles

At the Free From Food Expo in Amsterdam, I got to know the brand Mrs Crimbles. There were many gluten-free brands at the expo and of most of them I had never heard before. Many of them were (not yet) available in the Netherlands, but I was very happy to hear that Mrs Crimbles can be found in the Dutch Albert Heijn (supermarket) because a part of Mrs Crimbles’ products is also low FODMAP!

Mrs Crimbles is a British brand that sells different kinds of gluten-free products. From cookies to baking mixes and savoury snacks. Several of these products are also sold in the supermarkets here and I got to try a few of them*. Today I will review them for you! 

Mrs Crimbles -

About those first two products, I might be the most  enthusiastic of all. Gluten-free coconut macaroons! A variant with and without chocolate. Next to gluten-free, they are also lactose-free and low FODMAP. I am usually not a big fan of coconut. You really don’t make me happy with a bounty and I usually avoid everything containing coconut flakes. But, even I loved these coconut macarons! Especially the ones with chocolate are my favourite. You don’t taste that they are gluten-free, they are soft and coconutty in a nice way. I also let my non-gluten-free family test them and they loved them too. 

These coconut macaroons are not cookies that I would eat on a daily basis because they contain quite some calories, but as a treat now and then they are delicious! Also, a great tip for friends and family, because these coconut macaroons are perfect to serve to you gluten-free/lactose-free/low FODMAP guests at a party! 

The ingredients of these cookies are: 

Coconut macaroons: 
Coconut (30%), sugar, glucose syrup, egg white, potato starch, dextrose.

Choc macaroons: 
Sugar, coconut (27%), glucose syrup, egg white, dextrose, potato starch, vegetable oil, fat reduced cocoa powder (2%), stabiliser: sorbitan tristearate, emulsifier: soya lecithin.

Mrs Crimbles -

Next to cookies Mrs Crimbles also has several savoury snacks: cheese bites and cheese crackers. Unfortunately, not all of those are low FODMAP and they all contains lactose. The original cheese bites and cheese crackers that you can see on the pictures above are low FODMAP apart for the lactose. They contain cheese and cream. 

I am lactose-intolerant myself, but I did try the cheese bites and crackers, without  getting any problems. I think the amount of lactose in these crackers and bites is quite low, so if you tolerate a small amount of lactose, they are worth a try.

I really liked the crackers and bites. What I loved about the cheese bites is that they are very light. I ate this bag of bites together with my mum and half a package of the bites only contains 130 calories. If I open a bag of crisps, I usually also eat half of it and then I have consumed about 4 times as many calories. Therefore, I think these bites and crackers make a great snack. 

The ingredients of the Original cheese bites are: 
Cheese (48%), potato starch, egg yolk, yeast extract, milk proteins, salt, cheese flavouring.

The ingredients of the Original cheese crackers
Potato starch, cheese (28%), cream, corn flour, rice flour, corn starch, potato fibre, sugar, milk proteins, salt, flavouring, yeast extract, stabiliser: xanthan gum, raising agents (ammonium carbonate, glucono-delta-lactone, sodium bicarbonate), modified potato starch.

Mrs Crimbles -

Next to the Orginal cheese bites and crackers there are also Sour cream & onion cheese bites, Rosemary/onion cheese crackers and Tomato & olive cheese bites in the Dutch supermarkets. In England, there are some different flavours available.  Those are not low FODMAP because they contain onion and garlic, but if you only have to eat gluten-free they are fine! 

My conclusion?  I think the products by Mrs Crimbles are a great addition to the gluten-free product aisle and I am very happy that they even have a few low FODMAP products. I can highly recommend them! 

Did you already know the products by Mrs Crimbles? What are your favourite gluten-free/low FODMAP products from the supermarket? 

Mrs Crimbles -

*I received these products for free. Read my disclaimer for more information.  

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