ice cream

8 low FODMAP Christmas desserts

low fodmap stracciatella ice cream

Low FODMAP stracciatella ice cream

healthy pineapple ice cream -

Healthy pineapple ice cream (low FODMAP)

A hand holding a low FODMAP strawberry yoghurt popsicle with a few more popsicles in the background

Low FODMAP Strawberry yoghurt popsicles

Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream -

Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream (low FODMAP, gluten-free)

A cup of banana peanut butter ice cream

Banana ice cream with peanut butter

Low FODMAP ice cream recipes

Fancy a yummy low FODMAP ice cream? Here you can find several low FODMAP ice cream recipes, such as low FODMAP stracciatella ice cream, strawberry yoghurt popsicles and healthy pineapple ice cream. Also when you have intolerances, you can enjoy a nice ice cream!