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Top 10 low FODMAP recipes

I thought it would be fun to list the top 10 recipes from Karlijn’s Kitchen for you! A top 10 that has been created by you, the blog readers, because these are the recipes that are viewed and cooked most often by you! 

Most of the recipes have been on my blog for a few years already. It makes me really happy to see that these recipes are still popular. You seem to love the same recipes that I love. Classic dinner recipes, such as chicken tikka masala and lasagna bolognese. And cake recipes, such as lemon cake and vegan brownies. 

Do you ever make any of these recipes? And what is your favourite recipe from Karlijn’s Kitchen?


1. Chicken tikka masala

This recipe has been a popular one on the blog for years. Chicken, creamy tikka masala sauce and rice. Pure comfort food, right?

chicken tikka masala -

2. Granola bars with peanut butter

These granola bars are the newest recipe in this list. I published it last year and it quickly became a reader’s favourite. I understand why, because they are simple to make and make a handy snack! 

low fodmap granola bars

3. Lemon cake with frosting

Who doesn’t love a simple lemon cake, with frosting of course. I always have difficulties to stick with just one slice. It’s so good! 

low fodmap lemon cake - 

4. Banana oat cookies

Simple cookies with only four ingredients: oatmeal, banana, peanut butter and dark chocolate. Healthy ingredients and yummy! 

banana oat cookies -

5. Tortilla soup

This soup is one of my personal favourites too. It’s perfect on a cold day, hearty and filling. And extra good with some homemade tortilla chips on the side. 

vegetarian tortilla soup -

6. Beef ramen

A simple beef ramen soup. Veggies, beef and low FODMAP noodles. Yum! 

low fodmap beef ramen -

7. Pasta with salmon and spinach

A super simple recipe for pasta with salmon, spinach and cream cheese. A staple in our household for quick weekday dinners.

low FODMAP pasta with salmon and cream cheese -

8. Vegan brownies

A recipe for low FODMAP brownies that are also vegan! Fudgy, goeey and so good. 

low fodmap vegan brownies -

9. Lasagna bolognese

This recipe is a classic. Low FODMAP lasagna bolognese with minced meat, veggies and bechamel sauce. Just as good as the version that you used to eat before the low FODMAP diet. 

10. Crustless quiche

This recipe has been on my blog since 2015, but I have recently given it a little update. It is a perfect low carb option for lunch or a light dinner. Lots of protein and veggies! 

low FODMAP crustless quiche

Which of these recipes is your favourite?

Together we go for a calm belly!

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