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Low FODMAP Cookbook: The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen (Review)

I am so excited about this that I wanted to share it with you: there is a new low FODMAP cookbook! The cookbook is called The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen and is written by Emma Hatcher. Emma is British and has the blog She can’t eat what?! (Don’t you think this is the best name for a low FODMAP blog, I wish I would have come up with it 🙂 ). On her blog, she shares delicious low FODMAP recipes with beautiful pictures. I had been following her for a while and when I heard she was publishing a cookbook, I knew that I wanted to have it because I have never bought a low FODMAP cookbook before.

It was such a great feeling to hold a low FODMAP cookbook in my hands. I know there are more low FODMAP cookbooks on the market, but the offer is not that large yet and honestly, I find most low FODMAP cookbooks a lot less attractive than ‘normal’ cookbooks. They always look a bit more serious and they remind me of diet books.

The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen isn’t such a cookbook. This is a cookbook how I like to see them best: with beautiful pictures and lots of different inspiring recipes. The book starts with Emma’s story. From how she got diagnosed with IBS to her discovering the low FODMAP diet and how this diet changed her life. After that follow a few chapters about IBS and the low FODMAP diet, an explanation about low FODMAP cooking and Emma shares which low FODMAP ingredients she always stores in her cupboards. It is a very extensive part, the first recipe starts on page 50, but I really like that the book contains so much information. Especially for people who are still finding their way in the diet, this is really useful.

The recipes in the book are divided into six chapters: good morning sunshine, wholesome lunches and nutritious suppers, mid-afternoon slump, something special, sweet treats and delicious desserts. Everything that you need is there: breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks, sweet snacks and desserts.

The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen Review Emma Hatcher -

The recipes are easy, without endless ingredient lists, but the recipes are also very original. For example: buckwheat crêpe with smoked salmon and goat cheese (a breakfast recipe, but I love it for lunch), blueberry chia jam, roasted red pepper soup, buckwheat pizzas, raspberry flapjacks, pulled pork, peanut noodle salad, peanut butter caramel bars, donuts and a raw vegan cheesecake (without dates and cashews, which are usually used in vegan cheesecakes!)

The Conclusion

I think my opinion is clear by now: I think the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen is a wonderful book. If you are looking for a cookbook with simple recipes, that are easy to make, but also for a cookbook with original recipes that are different from standard recipes, this cookbook is a must-have! You can buy the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen* on Amazon for $17.70.

The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen Review Emma Hatcher -

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