Low FODMAP vegan polenta pizza with mushrooms, bell pepper and olives

Vegan Polenta Pizza

A bowl of low FODMAP tortilla soup topped with creme fraich, corn and olives

Tortilla soup with homemade tortilla chips

A low FODMAP baba ganoush sandwich

Low FODMAP sandwich with homemade baba ganoush

vegan sesame tempeh soba noodles -

Low FODMAP vegan sesame tempeh soba noodles

Een bord met low FODMAP vegan masala curry met rijst ernaast

Low FODMAP vegan masala curry with coconut milk

Three low FODMAP tortilla pizzas with tomato, corn and olives

Low FODMAP tortilla pizza

Blue cheese spinach polenta -

Low FODMAP blue cheese spinach polenta

A low FODMAP vegetarian falafel bowl with dressing on top

Low FODMAP vegetarian falafel bowl

A gluten-free pizza in pieces

The best gluten-free pizza EVER (low FODMAP)

Farinata - Italian chickpea pancake -

Farinata – Italian chickpea pancake

Low FODMAP Spanish Tortilla -

Low FODMAP Spanish Tortilla

Een glaasje low FODMAP gazpacho

Low FODMAP Gazpacho

Rice noodles with crunchy sesame tempeh -

Rice Noodles with Crunchy Sesame Tempeh

Low FODMAP coleslaw -

Coleslaw with mayonnaise dressing (low FODMAP)

Baba ganoush -

Baba Ganoush (also low FODMAP)

Low FODMAP vegetarian recipes

A vegetarian diet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste or texture. There are still a lot of delicious things that you can eat on a vegetarian diet. But maybe you feel like it is a little more of a challenge when you also follow the low FODMAP diet. 

On my website you’ll find many low FODMAP vegetarian recipes, so you can easily combine your vegetarian diet with your low FODMAP diet. And believe me, low FODMAP vegetarian recipes definitely don’t have to be boring. There are a lot of yummy things that you can still eat. 

Most recipes on Karlijn’s Kitchen are also gluten-free and low in lactose. So they can easily accommodate different diets. Next to that, you can also find vegan low FODMAP recipes here, if you want to eat fully plant-based. 

Delicious FODMAP vegetarian cooking

Low FODMAP vegetarian dishes have to be boring and predictable. There are many delicious ways to make a tasty and healthy meal that is low in FODMAPs. 

What do you, for example, think of low FODMAP creamy mushroom pasta, low FODMAP Greek pasta salad, low FODMAP fried rice, or a low FODMAP Mushroom Burger

You can also enjoy delicious low FODMAP vegetarian desserts and bakes, such as low FODMAP pecan pie and low FODMAP chocolate coffee banana bread.

Vegetarian recipes for every meal

Whether you’re looking for tasty breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, dinner or snacks, on Karlijn’s Kitchen you’re sure to find something tasty and low FODMAP. Check out this page for various lunch recipes and enjoy these delicious side dishes.

I hope you’ll like my low FODMAP vegetarian recipes! If you miss a low FODMAP recipe, please let me know and maybe I can add it to my website soon.