8 low FODMAP Christmas desserts

Low FODMAP pumpkin pie with cream on top

Low FODMAP pumpkin pie

Low FODMAP pumpkin tomato soup in a bowl with a spoon in it

Low FODMAP pumpkin tomato soup

Three low FODMAP mini strawberry cheesecakes in a glass

Low FODMAP mini strawberry cheesecakes

low FODMAP passion fruit cheesecakes in a glass

Low FODMAP passion fruit cheesecake in a glass

Low FODMAP potato salad on a white plate

Low FODMAP potato salad

A glass bowl with a BLT pasta salad with a spoon into it

Low FODMAP BLT pasta salad

A salmon and spinach quiche with spinach leaves on the side

Low FODMAP salmon spinach quiche

Low FODMAP chocolate panna cotta

Low FODMAP chocolate panna cotta

low fodmap soup as a starter

Christmas soup: 6x soup as a starter

Low FODMAP shrimp cocktail

Low FODMAP shrimp cocktail

low fodmap mini chocolate chip cheesecakes

Low FODMAP mini chocolate chip cheesecakes

Low FODMAP stuffed pork tenderloin

Low FODMAP stuffed pork tenderloin with pesto and mozzarella

low fodmap stracciatella ice cream

Low FODMAP stracciatella ice cream

A dish with strawberry tiramisu on a napkin

Gluten-free tiramisu with strawberries

Low FODMAP Thanksgiving recipes

If you eat low FODMAP, you should still be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. You really don’t have to be sitting on the side eating a different meal than all your family or friends are eating. With the right ingredients and a little creativity, you can prepare tasty, and low FODMAP Thanksgiving dishes that everybody will enjoy. Also, people that don’t have to eat low FODMAP! 

On my blog, you’ll find many recipes that you can make for your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Each recipe is designed to be easy to follow and can be adapted to several dietary requirements. Next to low FODMAP, recipes are usually gluten-free and low in lactose. This is handy if you have to accommodate several diets for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy recipe or something more elaborate, I guarantee you’ll find the fitting recipes. From starters and side dishes to delicious low FODMAP desserts. With our low FODMAP Thanksgiving recipes, your dinner can be lovely. 

Thanksgiving recipes for everybody

Believe me, also people without intolerances will be able to enjoy the low FODMAP Thanksgiving recipes on my blog. So you can create a fully low FODMAP Thanksgiving menu for everybody to enjoy if you wish. Or you can make some special low FODMAP dishes just for you, just what you prefer.

But one thing is for sure: you will also have a delicious meal if you make a low FODMAP Thanksgiving dinner. 

What do you think of low FODMAP pecan pie or low FODMAP pumpkin pie for dessert? Or maybe switch things up and go for tiramisu with lemon curd in a glass or a strawberry raspberry crisp

As a starter, you could pick a yummy potato soup or roasted pumpkin soup. Or go fancy with a salmon tartare with avocado. Enough options to pick from! 

Low FODMAP Thanksgiving sides

Also, low FODMAP Thanksgiving sides are no biggie. There are plenty of delicious low FODMAP side dishes to think of. 

For example a classic broccoli rice casserole, oven-roasted carrots, parsnip, and sweet potato, or perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes. Serving a simple salad is also always great. For example this green salad or this roasted chickpea salad

Happy Thanksgiving!