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A spoon lifting some spice tomato soup out of a bowl

Low FODMAP Spicy tomato soup

low fodmap vegan brownies - karlijnskitchen.com

Fudgy low FODMAP vegan brownies

low FODMAP oatmeal cookies - karlijnskitchen.com

Low FODMAP oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips

5 low FODMAP stuffed peppers with rice and tomato

Low FODMAP stuffed peppers with rice

A bowl with low FODMAP Greek pasta salad photographed from the side

10 light low FODMAP dinner recipes

low FODMAP tacos with vegan minced meat- karlijnskitchen.com

Low FODMAP tacos with vegan minced meat

low FODMAP vegan minced meat - karlijnskitchen.com

Low FODMAP vegan lentil and walnut “minced meat”

Low fodmap bruschettas on a plate with a blue napkin underneath

Low FODMAP bruscetta

A dish with low FODMAP rhubarb crumble with strawberries on top

Low FODMAP rhubarb crumble

Low FODMAP tofu skewers

low FODMAP vegetable skewers - karlijnskitchen.com

Low FODMAP vegetable skewers for on the BBQ

A bowl of low FODMAP pasta sauce photographed from above

Low FODMAP pasta sauce

33 healthy low FODMAP dinner recipes - karlijnskitchen.com

33 healthy low FODMAP dinner recipes

healthy pumpkin granola - karlijnskitchen.com

Healthy pumpkin granola

crunchy roasted potatoes - karlijnskitchen.com

Crunchy roasted potatoes

Diary free low FODMAP recipes

Here you can find an overview of low FODMAP recipes that are also dairy free. Handy for when you have to eat low FODMAP ánd dairy free. If you only have to eat lactose-free, you can also check out my lactose-free recipes.