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Healthy tuna salad -

Low FODMAP healthy tuna salad

Low FODMAP spring rolls with tempeh on a pink plate

Low FODMAP spring rolls with tempeh

Shrimp taco's -

Low FODMAP shrimp taco’s

Low FODMAP pumpkin lentil salad on a plate

Low FODMAP pumpkin lentil salad (gluten-free, low in lactose)

Sweet potato muffins -

Low FODMAP sweet potato muffins

A bowl of low FODMAP pad thai with shrimps on a green napkin with limes and peanuts around it

Low FODMAP pad thai

Chicken burgers -

Chicken burgers

Lunchbar De Viking -

Hotspot: Lunchbar De Viking

Fruit pancakes -

Fruit pancakes

Pommes Duchesse -

Pommes Duchesse

Hunkar begendi -

Hunkar begendi

Sweet potato casserole -

Sweet potato casserole

Gluten-free fish fingers - battered fish -

Homemade gluten-free fish fingers (low FODMAP, lactose-free)

A plate with low FODMAP sweet potato risotto with cutlery next to it on a napkin

Low FODMAP sweet potato risotto

Low FODMAP quinoa porridge in a bowl

Low FODMAP chocolate quinoa porridge