A low FODMAP chicken broccoli rice casserole with grated cheese on top

Low FODMAP chicken broccoli rice casserole

12 low FODMAP soups

A plate of low FODMAP pasta carbonara

Low FODMAP pasta carbonara

Low FODMAP shrimp lo mein noodles in a deep plate

Low FODMAP shrimp lo mein noodles

A bowl of low FODMAP carrot salad with yogurt dressing

Low FODMAP carrot salad

A plate with codfish in mustardsauce. With behind it a napkin and a jug with sauce

Low FODMAP cod fish in creamy mustard sauce

A plate of low FODMAP pasta with mushrooms and zucchini in cream sauch with a fork and spoon next to it

Low FODMAP creamy mushroom pasta

A plate with salmon tartare with avocado

Low FODMAP salmon tartare

A plate with oven roasted carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes

Oven-roasted carrot, parsnip & sweet potato

A deep plate with low FODMAP tomato risotto with burrata

Low FODMAP tomato risotto with burrata

A low FODMAP vegetarian shepherd's pie in a Dutch oven

Low FODMAP vegetarian shepherd’s pie

Low FODMAP mashed potatoes on a plate with a potato masher behind it

Low FODMAP mashed potatoes

A low FODMAP ovendish with broccoli and rice

Low FODMAP broccoli rice casserole

A bowl of low FODMAP potato soup with a blue napkin and a spoon next to it

Low FODMAP potato soup

A bowl of low FODMAP fried rice with a spoon above it taking a spoonful out of it

Low FODMAP fried rice

Low FODMAP dinner recipes

Felt panicked the first time you heard that you had to start cooking low FODMAP recipes? Don’t worry, I’ve got you sorted. Since 2014, I have shared over 300 low FODMAP dinner recipes on Karlijn’s Kitchen. Simple recipes that will help you create delicious low FODMAP dinners that the entire family will love.

If you’re navigating a low FODMAP diet, you know how challenging it can be to find recipes that are both tasty and tummy-friendly. Look no further! My collection of low FODMAP dinner recipes is here to make your meal planning easier and more enjoyable.

Low FODMAP dinners for everybody

I’ve carefully curated a variety of recipes that not only follow the low FODMAP guidelines but are also usually gluten-free and low in lactose. This is great when you cook for people with different intolerances.

Whether you’re dealing with IBS or just trying to eat healthier, my recipes cater to your needs without compromising on flavor.

I have recipes for different tastes. There are plenty of low FODMAP vegetarian and vegan recipes to be found on Karlijn’s Kitchen.

But also if you are looking for recipes with fish or meat, I have many options for you.

Every recipe is made to be easy to follow, without using too many difficult ingredients. Also for not too enthusiastic cooks my recipes are easy to make!

Say goodbye to boring meals and hello to a world of delicious, low FODMAP dinner options! Don’t forget to check back often as I’m always adding new recipes to keep your menu exciting and varied. Happy cooking!