healthy pineapple ice cream -

Healthy pineapple ice cream (low FODMAP)

low fodmap oreo waffles -

Low FODMAP “Oreo” waffles

A hand holding a low FODMAP strawberry yoghurt popsicle with a few more popsicles in the background

Low FODMAP Strawberry yoghurt popsicles

low fodmap vegan brownies with salted caramel sauce -

Low FODMAP vegan brownies with salted caramel sauce

Low FODMAP kaiserschmarrn with warm red fruits n top and a dollop of butter

Gluten-free Kaiserschmarrn

Salted caramel sauce -

Salted caramel sauce

Refreshing summer recipes -

5 refreshing summer recipes

Two glasses of lemon mousse with lemon curd and cookie crumbs

Low FODMAP lemon mousse with lemon curd

Lemon Curd -

Lemon Curd

Two low FODMAP banana ice cream sundaes photographed from above

Low FODMAP chocolate pecan banana ice cream

Dutch vanilla custard - vla -

Dutch Vanilla Custard – Vla (low FODMAP)

Sweet potato casserole -

Sweet potato casserole

Nutella cheesecake crumble -

Nutella cheesecake crumble in a glass

Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream -

Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream (low FODMAP, gluten-free)

A cup of banana peanut butter ice cream

Banana ice cream with peanut butter