low FODMAP chocolate mug cake

Low FODMAP chocolate mug cake

10x low fodmap christmas breakfast

10x Low FODMAP Christmas Breakfast

low FODMAP smoothies

Low FODMAP smoothies – 2 smoothie recipes

A low FODMAP acai bowl with a spoon in the bowl and some blueberries on the side

Low FODMAP acai bowl

low FODMAP sunday breakfast - Schar -

Low FODMAP Sunday breakfast

low FODMAP oatmeal cookies -

Low FODMAP oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips

healthy low FODMAP cheesecake with lemon -

Healthy low FODMAP cheesecake with lemon

healthy pumpkin granola -

Healthy pumpkin granola

healthy pumpkin spice crumble -

Healthy pumpkin spice crumble

A low FODMAP overnight breakfast cookie with chai flavour

Low FODMAP chai overnight breakfast cookie

snickers oatmeal -

Snickers oatmeal

low fodmap pineapple chia pudding -

Low FODMAP pineapple chia pudding with coconut flakes

low fodmap oreo waffles -

Low FODMAP “Oreo” waffles

low FODMAP polenta porridge -

Low FODMAP polenta porridge with red fruits

banana smoothie bowl -

Low FODMAP Smoothie Bowl with banana and yoghurt