Cakes & sweets

Low FODMAP pound cake -

Low FODMAP pound cake (gluten-free)

low fodmap new york cheesecake -

Gluten-free New York Cheesecake

A rice pudding pie with a piece cut out of it

Low FODMAP rice pie with cream and red fruits

Low FODMAP naked cake -

Low FODMAP naked cake with lemon and blueberries

Glutenvrije snickers cheesecake -

Gluten-free Snickers cheesecake

low FODMAP oreo brownies -

Low FODMAP Oreo brownies

low FODMAP chocolate donuts -

Low FODMAP chocolate donuts

low FODMAP chocolate cake -

Low FODMAP chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

low fodmap linzer cookies -

Low FODMAP linzer cookies

low FODMAP chocolate fudge -

Low FODMAP Chocolate fudge (lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan)

low fodmap blueberry cheesecake -

Low FODMAP blueberry cheesecake with lemon

low fodmap peanut butter chocolate chip cookies -

Low FODMAP peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

s'mores bars -

Low FODMAP S’Mores bars (gluten-free)

low FODMAP lemon curd crumble bars -

Lemon curd crumble bars (low FODMAP, gluten-free)

low fodmap oreo waffles -

Low FODMAP “Oreo” waffles