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When I started my low FODMAP blog in 2014, there were not many people that shared low FODMAP recipes online. I am very happy to see that there are more and more low FODMAP blogs around nowadays. The number of people that has to follow this diet is growing and even though it is not nice that there are more people with IBS problems, it got easier to find low FODMAP recipes and tips and that is great for people following this diet. I thought it would be nice to share my favourite low FODMAP blogs and websites in today’s blog!

The first two blogs that I follow are Dutch, so they are not so useful for people who don’t speak Dutch. is the biggest informational low FODMAP blog in the Netherlands and Fodmap Foodies is a blog by two Dutch dieticians who both follow the low FODMAP diet too. They share tips and recipes on their blog.

A Little Bit Yummy

One of the most well-known low FODMAP blogs is A Little Bit Yummy by Alana. Alana shares a lot of background information about the low FODMAP diet in her research-based articles. I often check her blog when I am in doubt about how something works on the FODMAP diet. Next to informational articles, you can also find a lot of tasty recipes on A Little Bit Yummy. My favourite recipe by Alana is this delicious banana cake. I made it some time ago for a birthday.

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She can’t eat what

You might have heard me talk about Emma’s blog before. Emma published her first cookbook The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen some time ago and I loved it! The first low FODMAP cookbook that I could buy in the stores. On her blog, she shares, just as in her book, delicious and simple low FODMAP recipes. I love going to her blog when I want to make comfort food that is easy to make.

Lauren Renlund

I found Lauren Renlund’s website a while ago. She is a Canadian dietician and she also follows the low FODMAP diet herself. She writes informational blogs and also shares recipes on her blog. All recipes that she shares are low FODMAP and gluten-free. Definitely worth checking too!

The FODMAP Friendly Vegan

The FODMAP Friendly Vegan is a blog, the name already says it, focusing on people who follow a low FODMAP diet and eat vegan. Quite a challenging combination because many products that vegans use often are not low FODMAP (think of beans, dates and several kinds of fruit and vegetables). Sharon shares a lot of useful information on her website, but she shares most of her recipes on herFacebook page andInstagram. I love her recipes! I have been reading a lot about eating plant-based lately. Since I know how big the impact of the meat- and dairy industry is on the environment, I have started to eat fewer animal products. I found the information on Sharon’s website very useful and I also bought her e-book a while ago. It contains a lot of tasty low FODMAP vegan recipes!

Those are the low FODMAP blogs that I follow regularly! What are your favourite low FODMAP blogs and websites? I would love to learn about low FODMAP blogs that I don’t know about yet!

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