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Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #1 – September

Another new kind of blog today! I have been experimenting a lot with new categories on my blog lately. In the last few weeks, you have seen “what I eat in a day“, the new categories “fast & easy” and “low budget” and today I am adding a weekly meal plan! All ideas that I got from you guys and I really want to implement them into my blog. I know many people are looking for inspiration for dinner and that is where I got the idea for a low FODMAP weekly meal plan. 

The plan is that I will share a weekly meal plan with you every other week on Sunday (the other Sunday will be a “what I eat in a day”). In the weekly meal plan, I will give you ideas for dinner. Five different recipes for Monday until Friday, so you can get inspiration for your weekday dinners. I know that many people would also like to see a full meal plan from breakfast to dinner with snacks. I hope I can do this in the future too, but this needs some more time. I want to work with a nutritionist when I make meal plans because I find it very important that I share a balanced meal plan. Next to that, every person has different nutritional needs and therefore it is very hard to make a meal plan that fits all. Therefore, I am just giving inspiration for now!

It is September and I secretly love this time of the year. We are on our way to evenings with comfort food meals, eating a lot of pumpkin, sitting on the couch under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and pepernoten (for the Dutchies among us). This week, the weather is still quite nice (at least in the Netherlands), so I went for a mixture of comfort food and light meals!

Monday – Shrimp spring roll bowl

shrimp spring roll bowl - karlijnskitchen.com

This is a refreshing summer recipe. Spring rolls, but fast & easy in a bowl! I bought a large bag of frozen shrimps in the Turkish supermarket, which made this recipe quite low budget.

Tuesday – Tofu fried rice

low FODMAP tofu fried rice - karlijnskitchen.com

A simple recipe in which you can put all your left-over veggies. If you don’t feel like eating tofu, you can also make this recipe with just vegetables or if you prefer meat, you can add chicken.

Wednesday – Coconut shrimp soba noodles

Coconut shrimp soba noodles - Karlijnskitchen.com

If you have any left-over shrimps from Monday’s recipe, you can use them in this noodle recipe. Noodles are pure comfort food for me, especially with coconut milk I love it. Bring on autumn!

Thursday – Greek pasta salad

Greek pasta salad - Karlijnskitchen.com

Officially, summer isn’t over yet, so we can still eat salads for dinner. This Greek pasta salad is done within minutes and you hardly have to use any pans. Only to cook the pasta. A perfect meal after a long day of work!

Friday – Healthy kapsalon

Healthy kapsalon - Karlijnskitchen.com

This is typical Dutch – Turkish comfort food. Usually a very unhealthy fast food meal with dürüm, fries and lots of cheese and garlic sauce. I made a healthy and low FODMAP version and that makes this a perfect meal for Friday evening. It stops your fast food cravings and still is a nutritious meal!

That was the meal plan for this week. I hope you’ll have a nice week! Will you let me know if you have made any of the recipes? For example by sending a message to my Facebook page or by tagging me on Instagram @karlijnskitchen. Would make me happy! 🙂

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