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Low FODMAP food diary #2 – Slovenia

I got a lot of positive reactions on my first food diary , so I have decided to share a “What I eat in a day” with you more often. I also asked you if you wanted to share your “Low FODMAP What I eat in a day” with me and I got a lot of enthusiastic reactions. So it looks like I’ll be posting some more food diaries in the future! Both my own food diaries and the diaries from the readers of Karlijn’s Kitchen!

I noticed I like keeping a food diary now and then for myself too because I am more aware of what I eat. In today’s food diary, I share with you what I ate on a day in Slovenia. As you might know, my boyfriend is Slovenian and he lives in Slovenia. On this particular day, I was in his apartment while he was away to study at the university for most of the day. My boyfriend does, in contrast to me, not like cooking at all and when I am in his apartment I have to cook with a few old pans and hardly any cooking utensils. The day before I tried to make oat pancakes and that failed miserably, haha. So you will notice from my meals that I have kept things very simple.

Breakfast – 8.30

My boyfriend left for university and I am taking some time to have breakfast. I make polenta porridge, something I discovered a few months ago and have been loving ever since. I shared a recipe for polenta porridge before, which you can find here. I make the polenta porridge with 40 g of polenta, 200 ml rice milk and I put slices of banana on top (1 medium unripe banana). The measurements are all guessed because of course my boyfriend doesn’t own a scale :). I usually also put some maple syrup in my porridge, but I don’t have that here. To get a bit of a sweet flavour, I add two pieces of dark chocolate. I drink water and a cup of instant coffee with a splash of rice milk.

what i eat in a day in slovenia - karlijnskitchen.com

Snack – 11.30

I run for half an hour again, according to my running schedule. I am not used to the height differences and the heat at all, so I am red as a tomato when I finish my run. I drink two large glasses of water and after that a glass of coke zero (my guilty pleasure). I wanted to eat a bowl of yoghurt for a snack, but unfortunately, the yoghurt was spoilt. We spend a few hours in the car yesterday, with the yoghurt, and it didn’t survive the heat. Instead of yoghurt, I eat a handful of grapes.

what i eat in a day in slovenia - karlijnskitchen.com

Lunch – 12.30

I am hungry because of my run, so an hour after my snack, I decide to have lunch. I eat four gluten-free crackers from Mulino Bianco, which I found in the supermarket. Those are made of rice with rosemary and sea salt. With the crackers, I eat three slices of chicken breast, scrambled eggs of two eggs, some black olives and a tomato. I drink two glasses of water. Slovenian supermarkets are heaven for gluten-free, lactose-free and low FODMAP food I must say. They have so much choice! Interspar is my favourite supermarket because they also have a lot of lactose-free products.

After lunch, I often feel like having something sweet. So half an hour after lunch I eat two cubes of dark chocolate. I must say I don’t eat dark chocolate so often myself, but my boyfriend always has it at home  (to protect him from eating an entire bar of chocolate at once he always buys very dark chocolate). I enjoy eating it in small amounts.

what i eat in a day in slovenia - karlijnskitchen.com

Snack – 16.30

It is very warm today, so we think that is a good excuse to get an ice cream. Most ice cream is not low FODMAP because of the lactose it contains, but I love ice cream and therefore I sometimes eat it together with a lactase supplement. The supplement makes sure that I don’t get any problems. It is so good to have ice cream sometimes! This was one scoop of ice cream by the way and that for one euro! In Slovenia, they give you real portions, haha.

what i eat in a day in slovenia - karlijnskitchen.com

Dinner – 18.30

As I said before,  my boyfriend’s kitchen doesn’t give me the possibility to cook difficult meals, so I kept it very simple. Gluten-free penne with a tomato sauce, canned tuna, grilled eggplant, a few canned mushrooms and black olives. Simple, but it turned out to be super tasty. I forgot to take a picture, but I liked the meal so much that I made it again at home. I took pictures of it and I am planning to share this recipe with you on the blog. I drink water with the dinner.

tuna and eggplant pasta - karlijnskitchen.com

Snack – 20.30

In the evening I have two more cubes of dark chocolate and a glass of coke zero. Next to that,  I drink a few glasses of water.

That was my food diary for a day in Slovenia! I hope that you liked reading it again 🙂 

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