Is maple syrup low FODMAP?

Yes, maple syrup is low FODMAP. The Monash University FODMAP app states that maple syrup is low FODMAP up to a serving of 50 grams or 2 tablespoons per meal.

There is nothing else mentioned in the app about larger quantities. Now you are not likely to eat more than 50 grams of maple syrup with a meal, so this is sufficient information.

What about other sweeteners?

Maple syrup is often used as a sweetener, for example in baking recipes. It is also delicious to pour over pancakes, such as these low FODMAP American pancakes.

Please note that other sweeteners that are sometimes used in a similar way to maple syrup are not low FODMAP.

For example, a serving of 1 tablespoon of agave syrup already contains a large amount of fructose (5 grams of agave syrup is low FODMAP).

In addition, golden syrup, which is often added to ready-made products, contains a large amount of fructans in a portion of 1 tablespoon.

Golden syrup is only low FODMAP up to 7 grams or 1 teaspoon.

The same applies to honey: 1 teaspoon or 7 grams is low FODMAP. But a 1 tablespoon serving contains a large amount of fructose.

Rice malt syrup is a low FODMAP sweetener, in addition to maple syrup. Rice syrup remains low FODMAP up to a portion of 500 grams.

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