Is celery low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, celery is not low FODMAP.

Only a 10 gram portion is low FODMAP. From 15 grams or more, celery contains an average amount of mannitol, and from 75 grams or more a high amount.

It is therefore best to avoid celery in the elimination phase.

Have you reintroduced mannitol in the reintroduction phase and do you know that you tolerate this FODMAP group well? Then you can probably eat celery.

Celery leaf

Celery leaves are low FODMAP up to a portion of 75 grams. You can use this herb in soup or in a salad, for example.


Celeriac, a member of the celeriac family, is low FODMAP.

The Monash app states that celeriac only contains an average amount of mannitol from a portion of 350 grams or more. So you can eat a fairly large amount of this.

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