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Gluten-free Dutch Doughnuts (low FODMAP, lactose-free)

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  • Author: Karlijn
  • Servings: 10 1x


Delicious low FODMAP and gluten-free Dutch doughnuts. Just as good as the original variant with gluten. New Years Eve as it should be! Also lactose-free.


  • 250 g gluten-free flour*
  • 220 ml warm lactose-free milk**
  • 180 ml warm water
  • 25 g sugar
  • 7 g dried yeast
  • A pinch of salt
  • Optional: 50 g raisins
  • 2 litres sunflower oil
  • Powdered sugar
  • Kitchen thermometer


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 50 degrees Celcius (this is for rising the batter).
  2. Heat the milk in a pan or in the microwave.
  3. Put the flour, sugar, salt and yeast together in a bowl. Stir.
  4. Pour in the water and the milk. Mix together with a mixer or whisk.
  5. Put the bowl into the oven for 30 minutes to rise. After half an hour it usually has risen quite a lot. Otherwise you can leave the batter in the warm oven for a little longer. If there is a hard layer on top of the batter after the rising, you can remove this with a spoon.
  6. Put the raisins into warm water for about 15 minutes. Drain and dry them well after that.
  7. Heat the sunflower oil in a heatproof pan to 175 degrees Celsius (347 F). Be very careful because the oil will get extremely hot.
  8. Carefully fold the raisins into the batter.
  9. Take an ice cream spoon or two spoons and drop balls of dough into the oil carefully. Fry the oliebollen for about 4-6 minutes until they have browned on all sides. Note that the doughnuts will become quite darker if you use the homemade flour mix, this is because the flours you use are a bit darker. If you take the first doughnut out of the oil, cut it open to see if it is fully cooked. If it is not, you can fry the next doughnut a bit longer.
  10. Take them out with a heatproof spatula and leave them to drain well.
  11. Serve the oliebollen with powdered sugar.


*See the text above the recipe for the flour mixes that I like to use for this recipe.

**Use plant-based milk to make the doughnuts vegan.