Collaborations disclaimer

Sometimes you will find collaborations on These are blogs or recipes that I make in collaboration with a company. When I do a collaboration with a brand or company, this means that I get a compensation for the blog and the social media posts. 

I find it important to be transparant to you and therefore, I will always mention it when a blog is a collaboration. Sometimes, I see negative conversations around bloggers and collaborations and therefore I want to explain why I do collaborations. I have been working on Karlijn’s Kitchen since 2014 and this really started as a hobby. The first three years that I ran my blog, I didn’t earn anything with it. Since 2017-2018, I slowly started to earn some money with ads on my blog, affiliate links and collaborations. For me, the most important thing is that I make interesting content for my readers, but my blog has also become my business now and it is something that I spend a lot of time on. 

I work 32 hours per week for my day job and next to that, I try to spend as much time on Karlijn’s Kitchen as possible. I work on my blog when I am on my way to work in the train, in the evenings after work and in the weekends. I absolutely love doing this, but because I spend a lot of my free time blogging and because I have created a lot of free content over the years, it is really nice to be able to earn something from my efforts too. For that reason, there are ads on my blog, I use affiliate links and I do collaborations with brands now and then. Like this, I can create free content for my readers and earn an income from the work that I do on my blog. 

It is very important to me that the blogs that are collaborations are relevant for you and that is the first thing I consider when discussing a collaboration. I deny more collaboration offers than I accept because often, the offers that I get are not relevant for my readers. When I write about products or share a sponsored recipe, these are products that I personally use or products that I am very enthusiastic about. If I share an informative article that is sponsored, it is an article that I believe is useful for you or can inspire you. I always try to keep my readers in mind when considering a collaboration and if I don’t believe that I can create an authentic and useful blog for you for a collaboration, I won’t do it. 

These are the collaborations that you can find on my blog: 

Sponsored article or sponsored recipe

When I do a sponsored article, I collaborate with a company or brand and share the message of that company in my blogpost. For example: a recipe post where I use the products of a certain brand. The brand will compensate me for posting the article and the social media posts. When this is the case, you will see something like this in the beginning of the post: this blog is written in collaboration with X. For the social media posts, I will use the hashtags #spon or #collab. 

Gifted products

Sometimes a company sends me free products and they hope that I will write something about it or share it on social media. When this happens, I will clearly mention in the text that this is a product that I have not bought myself, but that was gifted. Social media posts will have the hashtag #gifted. 

Affiliate links

I have created a separate page with an explanation about affiliate links, see my affiliate disclaimer


Thank you for your understanding!