Are potatoes low FODMAP?

Yes, potatoes are low FODMAP.

The Monash University FODMAP app contains information about white and red potatoes and both are low FODMAP up to an amount of 500 grams per meal.

So you can eat potatoes without any problems during the FODMAP diet.

Are potato products low FODMAP?

Products made from potatoes are also low FODMAP in most cases. Monash University mentions a few in their app.

Potato starch is also in the FODMAP app and is low FODMAP up to an amount of 100 grams per meal.

The same goes for potato chips. It should be noted that it is generally advised in the app not to eat products that contain a lot of sugar or fat in large quantities.

Pay attention to additives with chips. Flavored chips often contain additives that are not low FODMAP, such as onion and garlic. Plain salted potato chips are usually a safe choice.

Are sweet potatoes low FODMAP?

Sweet potato is only low FODMAP to a limited extent. 75 grams or 1/2 cup of sweet potato per meal is low FODMAP. From 100 grams or more, your portion of sweet potato contains an average amount of mannitol.

So in the elimination phase, it is best to stick to a maximum of 75 grams of sweet potato per meal.

Hopefully this gave you some more information on eating potatoes on the low FODMAP diet!

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